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Klitschko vs Fury Shaping Up To Be An October Thriller

Wladimir Klitschko versus Tyson Fury for the World Heavyweight Championship on October 24 in Dusseldorf, Germany has all the elements and angles to make it a classic superfight of the decade.


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Klitschko, age 39, is the dominant champion, model sportsman and role model, with the seemingly indestructible style of careful, intelligent defense/offense, excellent hand and foot speed, combined with nuclear knockout power. Fury, 26, is the so-very-talented challenger who has been dogged by unfulfilled potential and questionable dedication. He is the bigger man with the clownish, disrespectful personality, a most curious figure in the heavyweight division, who just may be coming along at just the right time to dethrone the decade-long standing king. The two titans have met before in a training camp together in Detroit several years back, under the auspices of Emanuel Steward, but now they will fight for real with everything on the line. According to the oddsmakers at MyTopSportsbooks.com, Klitschko is the favorite with 4/17 odds with his last loss coming against Lamon Brewster way back in 2004.

Klitschko has won twenty-two consecutive fights since the defeat to Brewster, which he avenged in 2007 by sixth round stoppage. Fury’s controversial and disrespectful behavior has arrested the attention of the German-based Ukrainian Klitschko. Fury, of Great Britain, has unleashed many mocking quotes about the champion’s age, boring style, and lack of charisma. “I’ll beat his arse all over the ring in October.”

Klitschko has responded to the Fury challenge with uncustomary feistiness. “For just 26 years, Tyson Fury already has some serious baggage. I’ll teach him the same manners I taught David Haye. Watch me fix Fury’s personality problems. Be there to support me as I give Tyson my therapy.  I’ll be in the best shape of my life on October 24, in the ring.” “I’m an artist. I specialize in painting faces in the ring and my next canvas is Tyson Fury,” added the champion, who has not lost in over a decade.

While most ring observers favor Klitschko to handle the bigger man with his superior punch power, technique and skillset, there are some pundits out there who feel Fury is more than capable of pulling off the shock upset. Former IBF Cruiserweight champion Glenn McCrory likes Fury’s chances “The one thing I’d love to see is a serious Tyson Fury. I’d love to see him grit his teeth, get his hands up, not play about and just show us what he can really do. So far, everything he’s done has been a bit like a joke, a bit of a sparring session,” commented McCrory recently. “He’s still a young man. How good can he be? I think it’s a very serious fight and I think he’s definitely got a chance of winning. A serious Fury might well be able to pull this off.”

Fury’s younger cousin Hughie Fury, also a rising, undefeated heavyweight prospect with a very bright future, is also tipping Tyson to shock the world in October.

But Fury’s dedication and discipline have always been questioned. As some of Fury’s quotes reveal:  “I should beat aging Wladimir but I won’t live the life of a champ, I love booze and junk food too much. If there’s  a man who hates training more than I do, I want to meet you. I hate every second I’m in camp, the days take like ten times as long.”

But the 24-0 Fury, as strange and comical as he seems sometimes, is an elite talent of gigantic proportions – and stranger things have happened in the heavyweight boxing ring – so an upset victory and new world heavyweight kingpin is not an impossible ending to the drama which will occur on October 24 in Germany

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