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Mayweather’s Ducking Methods Now Infiltrating Track and Field?

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By Scoop Malinowski

There is no doubt Floyd Mayweather is the all-time, ultimate symbol of ducking and dodging in professional boxing – his prolific excuse-making to avoid competing against the most threatening and dangerous competition is a part of his persona and legacy. It’s a fact that Mayweather is a ducking dodging handpicker who openly admits and even boasts that he wants easy opponents to keep stealing money from the fans.

Evidently, Mayweather’s modus operandi of ducking and hiding from the best competition has now infiltrated into another sport – track and field.

In the October issue of the popular American athletics magazine “Track & Field News”, on page 34, there is a headline topic “Sprinters Ducking Too Much?”

The brief story reads: “St. Kitts dasher Kim Collins is critical of his 100 meter peers. The 39-year-old veteran believes that men’s shotput – yes – is more popular right now than the men’s sprints because shotputters clash often, while sprinters don’t.

“Everybody wants to duck and hide,” said Kim Collins. “This is not boxing. World map It’s a race; it’s what we do. When you want to duck and hide, it’s a form of killing the event and the sport.”

Track and field sprinters have endured criticism for years because of the rare amount of actual times the top sprinters face off against each other despite the numerous amount of meets and competitions around the world.

So there you have it — words from a world class track and field sprinter which mock (indirectly) the “face of boxing” Floyd Mayweather and his catastrophically negative and damaging influence on the sport of boxing, which is now contaminating another once great sport – track and field.

How much longer will Mayweather’s horrific example along with Al Haymon’s protection of his stable of ducking, dodging minor league reality show fraud boxers continue to pollute and deface the integrity and honor of professional boxing before it finally, fatally “kills” the sport?

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