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Can Golovkin Beat Lemieux, Hopkins and De La Hoya?

Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City will be by far the most threatening challenge Gennady Golovkin has ever faced in the boxing ring. On Saturday night GGG will face not only the heavy hitting Canadian David Lemieux but also the collective boxing intelligence of two all time great champions – Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins. And that’s not even counting the astute coaching of Lemieux’s trainer Marc Ramsey. Ramsey stated this week that De La Hoya and especially Hopkins have been providing plenty of tactical and strategic input for Lemieux to use as part of his arsenal in his attempt to dethrone seemingly unbeatable Golovkin. The coaching and advices of Hopkins and De La Hoya will surely be an invaluable asset for Lemieux. And for certain, the presence of Hopkins and De La Hoya in this duel will be an extra challenge for Golovkin to overcome, not only physically but also in terms of psychological intimidation. I believe one of the reasons for the greatness of Wladimir Klitschko has been the presence of his brother Vitali – one of the all time great heavyweight champions – assisting and advising his brother with helpful information and observations about opponents that no other expert could come close to offering. In a sense, Klitschko has four eyes and two rather prodigious brains working in concert against all his challengers – and this factor is undoubtedly a major element for the illustrious and historic success of the champion we know as “Dr. Steelhammer.” There is no doubt that Golovkin is facing six eyes and three very sophisticated and intelligent boxing brains on Saturday night and if he can prevail over this unique challenge, it will surely be the most impressive accomplishment in his remarkable career. — By Scoop Malinowski

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