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Scoop: Pacquiao vs Floyd II In The Works?

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An interesting scoop was sent my way this week regarding the Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather rematch in the new MGM Grand Arena next year. Of course, Floyd doesn’t want to risk fighting Pacquiao again – he’d prefer to spar with more Al Haymon patsies like Andre Berto – but the explosive PEDs scandal which Floyd’s recently been linked to by journalist Thomas Hauser is the leverage the powers-that-be are using to force Floyd to do the lucrative rematch with Pacquiao. (Hauser was given the secret details about Mayweather’s suspected PED use in order to get the rematch ball rolling.) And this time the Nevada politics may favor Pacquiao, not Floyd, meaning a rubber match could also be part of the long-term plan. Remember, Floyd Mayweather is big, very big — but the Las Vegas establishent will ALWAYS call the shots. — Scoop Malinowski

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