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Haymon’s Next Choreography Will Be Floyd vs Broner

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Floyd Mayweather announced the beginning of a new feud with Adrien Broner yesterday at fight hype – clearly it’s step one of the Al Haymon’s next pay per view production which will surely be Floyd Mayweather vs Adrien Broner sometime next year. It’s far from a surprise that Haymon has schemed up the ‘master vs. protege’ / Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker WWE style storyline for his next big PPV gamble – after Floyd vs. Andre Berto was a big bust earlier this year. Floyd vs Broner is actually an interesting concept that could captivate many boxing fans – especially IF we knew it was going to be a REAL fight or even if the production script and role playing are performed to a degree that Sir Lawrence Olivier would appreciate. But the Wizard of Oz megalomaniac who intends to control the sport can’t be trusted to NOT manipulate an illusion he creates. Chances are though that the public will turn away from this silly choreography which is really just another PBC in house con job denying the sport and the public the two fights they really want to see – Floyd vs Golovkin at 154 or better yet Floyd vs Pacquiao 2. Remember this quote from a veteran ring observer: “Al Haymon is Vince McMahon. ” Also do not rule out a Mayweather “loss” to Broner which would please the syndicates – build up Broner’s star power (for the future) – and of course set up the sequel, pardon me, rematch.

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