If Al Haymon Advised Muhammad Ali

Let’s imagine if Muhammad Ali was controlled and advised (and protected) by Al Haymon. It’s safe to conclude that Ali’s career would have turned out entirely different – and so too would have the sport of boxing and it’s lofty place in the American culture.

If Haymon advised Ali we know Ali would have been protected with excessive caution and carefulness – and many of history’s greatest events would not have taken place if Al Haymon was calling the shots for Ali back in the 60s and 70s.

Haymon surely would have protected Ali from high risk fights against the likes of Joe Frazier Ken Norton George Foreman Earnie Shavers Ron Lyle Sonny Liston Jerry Quarry George Chuvalo Doug Jones Henry Cooper – and Ali’s greatness would have been stunted and diluted with mediocre controlled performances which would have eventually been rejected by the public – and Ali’s perception would not have been as an all time transcending marvel of a champion but as a contrived WWE style clown pretender with a big mouth.

Boxing fans and the public would have never really known how great Ali was or could have been because Haymon would have handpicked an endless list of safe and easy patsies for Ali to dominate and to earn easy money. Just like he’s doing today with his vast inventory of overrated and protected boxers.

Without The Thrilla in Manila and the epic Ali vs Frazier battles the sport might have died or become irrelevant – and the future eras which were inspired by Ali – Sugar Ray Leonard Roberto Duran Thomas Hearns Marvin Hagler Mike Tyson would have never happened. Al Haymon is unquestionably ruining boxing as we knew it and the repercussions of the damage he’s doing now could have tragic consequences on the future of the sport for decades to come. – Scoop Malinowski

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