Why Golovkin vs Canelo Must Happen Next

Golovkin Is Not Getting His Deserved Credit For Electrifying Boxing-media-1Even Magic Johnson is calling for Canelo Alvarez to step up to the plate and challenge Gennady Golovkin next. This is THE FIGHT that absolutely needs to be made. Lets hope Canelo and his promoter Oscar de La Hoya don’t blow this. Boxing is in critical stage right now. The public perception of boxing is very low right now because Floyd “I want my team to keep handpicking easy fights for me so we can steal more money from the (stupid) fans” Mayweather and Al Haymon screwed the sport’s image and reputation and legacy for their own selfish benefits. This fight GGG vs Canelo will help heal those wounds and damage caused by all the disastrously repulsive ‘entertainment’ produced and choreographed by Floyd and Haymon.

Canelo vs GGG is a REAL fight without any manipulative interference or corruption orchestrated by Haymon or Floyd. Canelo vs GGG is the best vs the best – the way boxing used to be – may the best man win – there won’t be any $5m bonuses to go soft on Floyd or pillows or illegal IVs or Lord knows whatever else Al (‘What Al Haymon wants Al Haymon gets – Al Haymon can manipulate anything” – Paulie Malignaggi) Haymon schemed. And boxing desperately needs a genuine authentic showcase super event like Canelo vs GGG right now to distance itself from the lousy aftertaste left by Floyd and Haymon’s abysmally failing minor league PBC.

It’s absolutely imperative that boxing produces GGG vs Canelo NOW. Take the risks and let the new super champion superstar ‘Face of Boxing’ emerge. No more in-house star-building business set-up fights like we just saw. Let the chips fall where they may – the future of boxing may be at stake. –Scoop Malinowski

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