Will Klitschko Recreate His Style?

135433_4326852082756_488323054_oWladimir Klitschko suffered his first defeat in over a decade so he must have been doing something right. But losing to Tyson Fury in the fashion that he did showed that Dr Steelhammer’s dominant yet basic style is now too one dimensional and it did not and will not work vs the this Fury juggernaut. Klitschko’s history of responding to failures – the losses to Purrity Sanders and Brewster – is very impressive and this will work in his favor as he proceeds with a new motivation to spark his career. Changes and adjustments will have to be made – perhaps he should consider replacing trainer Banks who did an insufficient job of preparing Klitschko for Fury’s style and also notable is the fact that Klitschko did not listen to any advices he got from Banks during the between-rounds vs Fury. Without a doubt Klitschko has a new giant motivation lighting his inner fires and this will surely re-create him as a boxer eager and determined to redeem himself from this embarrassing and humiliating loss. – Scoop Malinowski

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