Pacquiao Handpicking Broner A Brilliant Move

pacsmileThe word is that Manny Pacquiao has decided to handpick Adrien Broner as his next opponen. Dissatisfied with Top Rank’s lackluster offerings of Khan Bradley or Crawford – Pacquiao evidently would love to administer a beating on the loud-mouthed arrogant disrespectful punk. Pacquiao just can’t get motivated for another ‘business’ fight. If he’s going to keep on fighting it has to be a special meaningful fight for him to dedicate himself and his energies. Obviously Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want the rematch with Pacquiao. However if Pacquiao can slaughter Broner it could spark Floyd (and media pressure on Floyd) to want to avenge his “little brother.” All in all I see this decision by Pacquiao handpicking Broner as an absolutely brilliant maneuver. Now we just have to wait and see if Al Haymon is willing to risk and/or sacrifice his intended future superstar to the kind of brutal loss that could be the end of the road for Broner as an elite money-maker. -Scoop Malinowski

The senate bill would zero out the $297 million program, the title v block grant, and the house version would all but do the same, chopping it down to $20 million

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