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12 Reasons Why Pacquiao vs Broner Should Happen

1 – Manny Pacquiao obviously wants the fight and would love to destroy a villain like Broner who is considered to be the most repulsive disgusting crude figure in the sport today.

2 – Since Floyd Mayweather has declined a rematch with Pacquiao fighting and beating his ‘little brother’ is ‘the next best thing’ for Manny right now.

3 – The Floyd Factor – Floyd is personally close to Broner and Haymon and will surely be involved in the pre-fight hype, Floyd also will surely offer Broner technical advices and tactics, and Floyd would surely be sitting ringside on fight night.

4 – If Pac is able to defeat Broner it could inspire or push Floyd to seek revenge on Pac for beating his ‘little brother’ and also devaluing Broner who is a boxer that Haymon and PBC surely still have grandiose plans for – and of course a Pac vs Floyd rematch is still a big attraction – especially for that great big new arena opening up in Vegas next year.

5 – The appealing ‘Good vs Evil’ aspects of Pacquiao vs Broner will surely generate into big box office and big pay per view revenues.

6 – Fans are tired and leery of in-house business fights – the Arum vs Haymon angle is a very interesting subplot.

7 – Pacquiao vs Broner could end up being the thrilling Pacquiao vs Floyd 2009 showdown we never saw – Cocky Broner’s limited skillset vs Humble Pacquiao’s declining speed power and accuracy makes for an intriguing clash of styles – and potentially a very exciting action fight.

8 – Will Broner trash talk Pacquiao? Or will he hold back verbally knowing Haymon will not be able to manipulate Pacquiao to pull his punches or “go soft”?

9 – If Broner does opt to trash talk to the extreme – how will Pacquiao respond?

10 – What will the purse split be? Will Haymon try to bid his way out of the fight by demanding too much of a percentage despite the reality that Broner is NOT a proven pay per view entity.

11 – By ordering advisor Michael Koncz to aggressively call and pursue Broner the obvious conclusion is Pacquiao sees something in Broner’s character he does not like and would love to administer a beatdown to the disrespectful mouthy American. Pacquiao has earned Top Rank and Bob Arum untold multi-millions and he certainly deserves to pick his last opponent and exit the sport on his own terms not Top Rank’s.

12 – Will Al Haymon try to manipulate the outcome of the Pac vs Broner fight? Beware of the words of Paulie Malignaggi who stunningly revealed: “Al Haymon can manipulate anything – What Al Haymon wants Al Haymon gets.”

These are just some of the reasons and aspects which make Pacquiao vs Broner an absolutely fascinating and intriguing event While initial interest in this fight may be light to moderate now, once the personalities and drama begin to ignite and combust, this unique fight could explode into something special. The star power of the history-making Pacquiao is remarkable and the factor of Broner into the equation could spark something inside of Pacquiao for his ‘Farewell Fight’ that is truly amazing and unforgettable. –Scoop Malinowski

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