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What is Floyd’s Motive to Protect Canelo from Golovkin?

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It makes very little sense on the surface to see that Floyd Mayweather is trying to protect Canelo Alvarez from the task of having to fight Gennady Golovkin. Mayweather, who apparently has little confidence in Canelo as a boxer to deal with mighty GGG, actually accused Golden Boy of throwing Canelo to the wolves if they follow public and industry pressures and force the popular young fighter to face the devastating terror GGG in a WBC-ordered 2016 Superfight.

“Canelo just came off a good, exciting victory against a future Hall of Famer, Miguel Cotto, but they’re so fast to try and throw this guy right back in the lion’s den with another guy [Golovkin] that they say is one of the top fighters in boxing,” Mayweather said this week to fighthype.com. “Why is the promoter (Oscar De La Hoya) rushing and trying to throw Canelo right back in there in another rough and tough fight? If they really care about your health and your well-being, if they really care about you and your family, which they don’t, because I know; I’ve been in this sport forever, so I done seen how it works, but if they really care, me, as a promoter, I’d let that fight build.”

The fact that Floyd is clearly and openly trying to save Canelo from a brutal loss to GGG is puzzling for several reasons: Floyd despises his rival promoter Oscar De La Hoya both personally and professionally – and a loss by Canelo would crush Golden Boy’s future as a business entity, Floyd has no business interests or involvement with the Canelo vs GGG fight, and as a boxing fan Floyd should WANT to see this fight happen as it will be exciting and electrifying and if Canelo can somehow win it will make Floyd look even greater in comparison (as Floyd easily beat Canelo two years ago). But it’s almost as if Floyd KNOWS Canelo has no chance to survive GGG and he feels the need to save his old buddy/business partner (remember the rumors and reports that Canelo was paid the $5 million bonus by Al Haymon to go soft on Floyd in their curiously passionless fight in 2013 http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com/al-haymans-sex-tape-w-shemale-foxxy-falls-into-unknown-hands/). Why else would Floyd be coming to the aid of Canelo now and trying to save him from a career-crushing loss to Golovkin? This stunningly odd news is absolutely circumstantial evidence which strongly suggests that Floyd knows and still acknowledges Canelo did him a very VERY big favor in their highly disappointing non-fight in 2013 and Floyd, to his credit and loyalty, is trying to help and save Canelo from inevitable destruction against GGG, who with a big win over Canelo will become the undisputed number one star of the sport. And to see Golovkin shine above himself is something Floyd must find simply unbearable to endure… even if it means having to do a favor for another rival but a far less threatening one in Oscar De La Hoya. — Scoop Malinowski

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