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Oscar’s Plans For Canelo Do Not Include Golovkin’s evident to astute ring observers by the veiled hints being dropped by Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez that the anticipated Golovkin vs Canelo superfight is not going to happen this year or in the near future as the 160 pound weight classification will be the convenient sticking (ducking) point artfully utilized by Oscar and Canelo. De La Hoya’s Golden Boy company knows that if they can just artfully evade Golovkin until Triple G begins to decline they will be in the driver’s seat of the sport of boxing with the top selling box office PPV superstar Mexican mega star marquee attraction Canelo Alvarez as the flagship of the sport and company. But in the meantime it’s imperative for Oscar to save and protect Canelo from a brutal KO loss to Golovkin. And be certain and sure Oscar will not be forced or railroaded into sacrificing Canelo to Golovkin by anyone. HBO will play along as they know the long term benefits will be huge if Canelo can be protected and manufactured into the future pound for pound mega star. HBO knows Golovkin is 34 now and his sensational spectacular “Big Drama Show” can start to fade at any time perhaps even the next fight. So sorry boxing fans. Don’t get your hopes up and hold on to your wallets. Golovkin vs Canelo will be just like Trinidad vs Quartey or Lennox vs Bowe or Roy Jones vs Nigel Benn. These superfights will only happen in hypothetical fantasy. – Scoop Malinowski

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