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No media outrage after near-assault on Pacquaio in Hollywood

A crazed nut tried to assault international sports icon Manny Pacquiao this week in Hollywood CA – but there has been little media outrage or fanfare regarding this incident – far far less of course than the firestorm media frenzy that ensued after the Filipino boxing star made controversial Bible supporting statements that were critical of homosexuality as a healthy lifestyle choice. David Sisson, the personal assistant of Pacquiao said the incident took place at around 3 p. m. at the parking basement of the restaurant. “The man attacked Manny and one of his friends, Edward Lura, was able to prevent the man from hitting Manny,” said Sisson on Sunday night. “He was fast and he almost got Manny. ”

Pacquiao opted to not call the police regarding the maniac and just advised his security staff to let the man go even as he continued to shout profanities at Pacquiao. Only in the upside down US of A will freedom of speech supporting the Holy Bible be condemned and attacked – but when a homosexual nut tries to strike and assault a Christian heterosexual celebrity it’s viewed as a non-incident and provokes no media outrage or criticism. Just imagine the media firestorm if the roles were reversed and if Pacquiao was a gay boxer who was attacked by a homophobic white man. The media would turn the incident into a historical event. 37-year-old Pacquiao is four days away for his April 9 pay per view showdown versus Tim Bradley in Las Vegas. read this research proposal. It will be the third fight between Pacquiao and American Bradley. — Scoop Malinowski.

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