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Pacquiao is the Ali of this Era

senlacsonManny Pacquiao looked so amazing and so sharp in beating always dangerous Tim Bradley on Saturday  night that Floyd is already attacking and smearing the excellent victory – Floyd is insanely jealous of Pacquiao who is the real superstar of this era – Pacquiao’s class and honor always makes Floyd look like a manufactured protected corrupt cheese chump: a lousy bum that is deserving of the loud boos he gets every time he dares to attend an NBA game – Pacquiao is the leader and hero of this era and he saved the sport from the near irreparable damage that Floyd and Haymon did to it with their garbage set up sparring sessions designed to keep stealing more money from the fans – a fact that Floyd actually admitted to – Thank you Manny Pacquiao for your wonderful example, your incredible career, your generosity, class, and for showing the world how a true champion is supposed to behave – You will always be in the class of Ali Tyson Louis as one of the most beloved champions this sport ever had – (Art by Sen Lacson)

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