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The Fascination Of Fury vs Klitschko II

135433_4326852082756_488323054_oAs disappointingly boring and action-lacking as the Wladimir Klitschko – Tyson Fury world heavyweight title fight was late last year the July rematch has no shortage of appeal and intrigue. Though it’s very hard to imagine this rematch being any different from the first “fight”there is a curiosity about just what Klitschko will change and do differently in his second chance at solving the puzzle of Fury. The stakes could not be greater for Klitschko – if he wins he’s “The King” once again – if he loses to Fury his career will very likely be over. Klitschko’s up and down career has found itself teetering on the edge of the precipice before. Remember: if Klitschko had lost his fights against DaVarryl Williamson Elisier Castillo or the first with Samuel Peter it surely would have been tragedy. If the then-unbeaten KO machine Peter knocked out Wladimir for the third time (after the losses to Corrie Sanders and Lamon Brewster) there is no way Klitschko could have recovered and become the all time great champion that he is now regarded as. So Klitschko has shown a remarkable ability to deliver his very best performances when absolutely desperately needed most. With Fury of course Klitschko has a new and different challenge to figure out and overcome. Tactically in the first fight Klitschko seemed completely neutralized and completely without ideas on what to do to offset the size disadvantages and speed and smarts of Fury – not to mention the impregnable confidence/arrogance and brilliant mind games that Fury surely utilized to confuse and intimidate Klitschko. Surely the Klitschko Brothers will study and analyze a new strategy but also just as certain Fury and his team will solidify their tactics and make new adjustments and changes to try to beat Klitschko more convincingly and decisive in July in England where the rematch will take place. Never in history perhaps has the rematch of a completely boring heavyweight title fight ever been so fascinating. –Scoop Malinowski  (Klitschko artwork by Scoop Malinowski)

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