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Golovkin KO 2 Wade Observations

Gennady Golovkin is transcending the sport of boxing. Last night the foreign-born middleweight king from Kazakhstan – now living in Los Angeles –  was cheered and applauded by the California crowd and it was his opponent Dominic Wade – an American – who was booed. Once again Golovkin delivered another classic knockout showing he’s far too superior for any challenger. No matter who you are if you weight 160 pounds or 154 pounds you’re taking the brutal one-sided knockout loss. Floyd – Cotto – Canelo – Saunders – Johnson – Jacobs all know they wouldn’t stand a rat’s chance in a viper pit. After his 21st KO in a row Golovkin even said after the fight he knew after one round that the challenge of Wade was “nothing” and it was “a game” for him to play with an undefeated boxer (who Sam Watson told us for five long minutes of bulljive at Fight News) had the jab and the right hand and the movement to shock the world vs GGG. No boxing expert or insider seems to be able to measure or understand just how incredible this super fighter really is. Floyd has said he would beat GGG and it would be “easy work” yet none of the media or the HBO announcers will call Floyd on that absurdly hollow declaration. It’s as if everybody knows Floyd is a pathological lying fraud but no one will call him out on his ridiculous lies. So we have another sensational knockout performance by Golovkin but the unfortunate consequence is we know that Canelo and any other big name middleweight will be even more terrified and intimidated by what Golovkin showed last night – it was another display of unbeatable boxing and two-fisted devastation that no man on earth can beat OR survive against… Flyweight king Roman Gonzalez is also a great fighter but not quite as extraordinary and spectacular as Golovkin. He has a wide array of punches and throws them relentlessly and creatively but there is not that nuclear savage atomic intensity in his killer shots. Golovkin can lay an opponent on the ground with that dazed blank look in the eye but Chocalatito doesn’t have that extra turbo gear of power because he wears down opponents by accumulation of blows. Chocalatito is a pleasure to watch perform his boxing artistry but he does not provoke the same shock and awe in the gallery that Golovkin does. The HBO announcers biased favoritism of Chocalatito as the superior fighter than Golovkin makes no sense to me. The point of criticism of GGG is that his level of competition is lacking the top names – but we all know that ALL the marquee names at 160 (and Floyd at 154) are psyched out and courage-less to face Golovkin. And consider: who really is Chocalatito beating? Just a bunch of contenders in his weight class like GGG. I don’t see any difference in the level of opposition that each super fighter is beating… Another observation about last night is HBO has never been the same profound pleasure to listen to since Larry Merchant retired and the great Emanuel Steward passed away. I suggest that it would not be a bad idea to change some of the faces and voices on the HBO boxing announcing team. I miss the days when expert boxing analysts like Gil Clancy and Howard Cosell made fights better with their enthusiasm insights and stories. They really knew the sport as a science and they educated viewers. Sorry to say Jim Lampley and Max Kellerman just don’t measure up to those high standards. Max still sounds like an amateur to me talking about “violence” and whatever but there’s no insightful tales or anecdotes. Then again we’ve been spoiled by Gil Clancy,  Larry Merchant,  Tim Ryan,  and Emanuel Steward.  – Scoop Malinowski

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