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Tyson Fury Actually Gives Klitschko Tips On How To Win!

13086686_10207648173935654_6111824405565202124_oIn another display of Ali-like bravado and confidence, world Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury actually offered Wladimir Klitschko tutorial advice on how he can win the much-anticipated July 9 rematch.  The surprising information was revealed in yet another fascinating, Fury stream-of-consciousness expression of his soul, which we have come to expect from this intriguingly eccentric character who continues to show he has the wonderful charisma, courageous spontaneous personality that we rarely see in this politically correct liberal age:
Tyson Fury:   “Oh by the way. Do You want some tips from the fat man? Hit the body. Because I’ve been losing a lot of weight. If you want to slow me down hit the body. Work the body. Chop the trunk down and the tree will fall. If he was to beat me – Wladimir – work the body first. Work upstairs then downstairs. Fast combinations. You ain’t ever gonna land single shots on me because I’m to slippery for that. Yeah. So that’s what you gotta do. Upstairs – downstairs combos. But are you gonna do that? I don’t think so. And if he goes to the body that leaves him wide open for overhand shots down the middle [smiles]. There’s a counter action for all that [smiles]. Whatever a fighter can throw or do I can adapt to it. So it is what it is. Fat man is quite knowledgeable of the game.”

This press conference anecdote was a microcosm of the day: Fury’s free flowing wit and bravado vs the almost scripted canned answers of the politically correct Klitschko.  Score another mental win for Fury who decisively won the war of words yesterday.  Klitschko spoke about revenge and this is a fun new challenge but he did not give off the impression that he has discovered any new ideas on how he can solve the complex puzzle that is the best fighter in the world Tyson Fury.       – Scoop Malinowski

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