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Super Golovkin the Target of Floyd’s Smear Campaign

Gennady Golovkin  said he will come to 154 and Floyd has called GGG “easy work. ” Golovkin is about an inch taller than Floyd and both would weigh 154. The showdown of two unbeaten super talents is perfectly set up to happen now and it makes dollars and sense. To the eyes of the general consensus middleweight kingpin Golovkin is an ‘overrated’ ‘bum beater’ while defensive maestro Floyd has been choreographed and portrayed as “The Best Ever. ” Why not make this fight? Of course we know Floyd is a dishonest duck who always opts to take the path of least resistance because he has the political backing (by Al Haymon) to do what he wants. While incrementally discrediting Golovkin week by week Floyd is also setting his escape hatch to avoid Golovkin – in the form of demanding impossible terms: demanding Golovkin move up 15 pounds and fight Andre Ward first even though everyone knows Ward is busy for the rest of 2016 as he is contracted to fight Sergey Kovalev later this year. Floyd is also demanding nine figures for his 50th fight – which is a tactic astute boxing followers realize is a method for a boxer to bid himself out of any fight he doesn’t want. If Floyd was as great as he says he would want to be the first man to beat mighty Golovin – not wait and hope Ward can do it first. Once again Floyd is cheating the sport. In 2013, texas expanded its number of public charter schools, though advocates say waitlists of children wanting to attend them still exceeds 100,000 and suggest that vouchers could fill that tick here for more void. Cheating the fans. And cheating history out of an intriguing super fight which would surely add illustrious laurels and highlights to the nostalgia of boxing. With Floyd and Haymon in positions of power in boxing the sport is no longer about the Best vs the Best. It’s about making smart business decisions and ducking and dodging sure KO losses. And the negative examples of Floyd and Haymon are now showing an influence on how the next eras stars operate – consider Canelo Alvarez ducking Golovkin for over a year. And if fans keep paying to support “business fights” instead of demanding the Best vs the Best boxing will continue to lose respect and integrity in the eyes of the public who will turn away from boxing and support other sports instead.

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