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Trying To Count Canelo’s Excuses To Duck Golovkin

Golovkin KO 2 Wade Observations-media-1WBC 160-pound champion Canelo Alvarez and his team of protectors have used a long list of excuses and step aside payments to duck and dodge a fight with mandatory challenger Gennady Golovkin.    Here is an unofficial list of all the excuses used by Canelo and his team . . .




* Saul has the style to disappoint GGG and his fans when they fight — and they will



* Fight needs to marinate longer



* Golovkin has to fight us at 155 catchweight



* Golovkin has to work his way up and earn his shot



* Oscar: We’re going to call Golovkin’s people after this fight and try to work it out



* We’re going to fight Cotto first then we will face Golovkin next



* Golden Boy VP: Golovkin didn’t want to fight Lara and we beat Lara



* Oscar: We won’t over marinate GGG vs Canelo – it will happen



* Oscar: This fight needs the right build up and it will happen at the right time



* Hopkins:  Golovkin should go up to 175 and challenge Kovalev



* Oscar: I can say Lets go lets do it or let me talk to Canelo and discuss how he’s feeling



* If the fight happens now Canelo gets a 90-10 split



* Oscar: It all depends on how he feels after the Cotto fight   – it’s all up to him



* While I’m at 155 I’m not facing anyone at 160


* If Canelo fought GGG’s opponents he’d be unbeaten too


* Golovkin refused to go up to face Ward



* GGG’s in my future plans but I’m not sure when though


* I want to fight GGG for the fans – I’m just not sure when

But the overall average is 7 percentage points higher than in 2009-10

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