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Golovkin’s Incredible Career Is Being Cheated

With the hideously pathetic duck by Canelo Alvarez yesterday the sad realization is that Gennady Golovkin’s extraordinary career is being cheated. With Alvarez electing to betray his own words by vacating the WBC 160 pound title we now know that ALL the big marquee names are strategically ducking Golovkin to preserve their own records and careers – they KNOW they will all be brutalized with sensational knockout losses to Golovkin. But history will not realize or remember how truly great G is. Its a shame. I posted a question yesterday and still haven’t gotten a single response? We will never see Golovkin vs the best. Facing the very best would inspire Golovkin’s best. Golovkin slaughtering Floyd at 154 and Canelo at 160 would electrify and dazzle the world. But the world will never see these historic highlight reel knockout wins. There absolutely is an open conspiracy to cheat and defy Golovkin. And the world will only see Golovkin destroy a bunch of unknowns and B level opposition. Golovkin will never have his shot at super glory like Ali had in beating a Frazier or Foreman in Zaire. We will never see the truly best of Gennady Golovkin’s greatness because cowardice and duckery are a very prevalent element in the sport of boxing today. The only course of action by boxing fans is to boycott and shun Canelo Alvarez for his obscene display of cowardice yesterday. Canelo’s cowardice has no place in our sport and it must not be accepted or tolerated. Otherwise business-inspired cowardice will only spread like a disease to be artfully utilized by other chicken chumps and promoters further costing boxing fans and history of seeing The Best vs The Best match-ups which are the lifeblood of the sport. — Scoop Malinowski.

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