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Why are Floyd and Canelo Mum about rematch?

Do you find it odd that Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez are uninterested in a rematch which is set up perfectly and both sides currently need each other? Floyd is itching to line up a suitable low risk money-maker opponent (to piggyback off of) for his 50th win and Canelo needs a high profile diversion fight to get the Golovkin Gorilla off his back. The Floyd vs Canelo rematch would be interesting because Canelo would be (should be) seeking revenge and Floyd is a couple of years older and slower. Some fans may say the first fight was so bad (yes it was curiously non-violent and spiritless) but it was not much worse than the Klitschko vs Fury fight which will be rematched in July. Fury-Klitschko II has been called by some pundits the worst heavyweight title fight in history because of the lack of action and attempted punches however the rematch has actually captivated the public because Fury is such a fascinating and unpredictable personality and Klitschko has the revenge and pride factor inspiring him as well as it’s a ‘Do or Die’ scenario for his illustrious career. Canelo is being positioned to be the next major cash cow superstar attraction in boxing and a revenge win vs Floyd would be a major step to build and bolster his legacy and reputation. Yet strangely and curiously Canelo does not seem in the least bit interested to avenge Floyd – in fact he acts content with the bad loss. And Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya – who did not attend the first fight because he says he needed to go to drug rehabilitation a week before the biggest event in Golden Boy’s history and also Mexican boxing history – also has been mysteriously quiet about securing a rematch against Floyd. Also rather mystifying is that Oscar did not insert a rematch clause term in the Floyd fight contract although he did for the recent Canelo vs Khan fight. All these elements together make one wonder if the documented story about Al Haymon paying Canelo a $5 million dollar bonus to go soft on Floyd  are actually true. Teachers have to be educated on write my essays from the technical side of using bookshare as well as the copyright laws involved. Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican fighter with ‘Mexican pride’ and he should be voicing a desire to get revenge on Floyd Mayweather to erase a horribly lousy and spiritless blotch on his career. The fact that Canelo and Oscar De La Hoya are silent about any desire for setting up a Mayweather rematch should be interpreted as highly suspicious by astute ring observers. –Scoop Malinowski  (Ali vs Liston II art sculpture by Barrymore Alan Moton).

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