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Dazzling “Hi Tech” Lomachenko is Electrifying Boxing

Vasyl Lomachenko is one of the best fighters I ever saw. Watch one fight of his fights and it is obvious this guy is extraordinary. Roy Jones even called the two time Olympic gold medalist the best pound for pound fighter in the business right now. Roy said Lomachenko has the extraordinary talent that allows him to basically do anything in the ring and to improvise to anything his opponent tries. Roy also respects how the 28-year-old Ukrainian will fight anyone anywhere any day. It’s mesmerizing how Lomachenko moves his body and hands, high low, side angles and he has an unpredictable inventory of so many punches and set ups to work with. He has such quick feet and hands and also a vicious ruthless intensity every second of the fight. Lomachenko is another super great eastern European marvel who will scare off all his best challengers like Nicholas Walters. Golovkin, Kovalev and Lomachenko are saving boxing from the cowardly protected self preservation handpickers Mayweather, Broner, Stevenson, Canelo who only want easy money safe controlled in-house spar sessions with no risk.

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