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Observations on Thurman vs Porter

HA TLThought Keith Thurman Jr lost a close fight to Shawn Porter who was able to bull and place Keith on the ropes throughout the fight. It was a good action brawl of a fight but lacking the science and precision of the really special extraordinary fighters. Was disappointed by the very weak corner advice to each fighter: “keep your hands up and keep your feet moving” – Really? How basic and elementary for a world title fight on national TV. Part of the reason in my opinion why there are so few great American fighters is the shortage of great trainers. Emanuel Steward was fascinating to listen to in the corner of a fight because he gave such pinpoint precise detailed ideas and tactics to his fighter and he could also read what the other fighter was doing and trying and even feeling mentally. Boxing in the world and especially in the USA needs better trainers and highly intelligent boxing minds like Emanuel Steward to uplift the quality of the boxers. Last night’s fight was good but I’d rather re-watch any old fight that Emanuel Steward had a fighter and go back and listen and appreciate his many words of wisdom to his fighter.

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