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Quick Observations in the Boxing World

Where Are They Now: Segundo Mercado Update-media-1Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook makes perfect sense and will be a fascinating clash. Golovkin is the most avoided champion in boxing history and Brook (who will move up two weight classes to challenge Super G) has also been dodged by several top welters including Khan Broner Thurman and also Floyd has shown zero interest to battle the lethal Brit with the phenomenal physique and solid skills. Throughout history there have been several examples of top welters moving up to face the middleweight kingpin and what Brook is attempting should be saluted not criticized… Al Haymon’s key boxers are still being protected from Pacquiao – Haymon still has big plans for Danny Garcia and Adrien Broner and that is why they will not be sacrificed to lose to Bob Arum and Pacquiao. So the much publicized peace treaty and business partnership between Arum and Haymon was nothing but an illusion… Was Tyson Fury’s ankle injury an intentional stall tactic to delay the Klitschko rematch? I believe so. Klitschko delayed their first fight and now Fury is giving Wladimir a taste of his own medicine. Plus the delay of three months will further age Klitschko who is no spring chicken – and at about the same age as brother Vitali was when he decided he didn’t have it anymore and hung up the mitts. And make no mistake about it the primary reason why Vitali retired was because he struggled mightily to defeat Chisora in his second to last fight. Vitali’s final fight vs Charr was a handpicked sparring session against a C level patsy.

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