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Kovalev and Ward On Floyd’s Urging Ward to Duck Kovalev


At the Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev vs Andre Ward press conference yesterday at the penthouse in the Le Parker Meridien hotel in New York City I asked both combatants about the recent statements by Floyd Mayweather regarding his urging Ward to disobey HBO’s pressure and to duck and dodge Kovalev in favor of handpicking safer and easier opponent options for free and easy money at the expense of the fans who are eagerly clamoring to see the Kovalev vs Ward clash of Light Heavyweight titans.

At the conclusion of the press conference I walked over to Kovalev who was taking photos and signing mementos with fans. “Sergey, one quick question,” I declared. “Mayweather recently urged Ward to duck fighting you. Your comment please?”

Kovalev thought for a few seconds before his manager Egis Klimas spoke a few Russian words into his ear. Then Kovalev flashed his signature grin. His humorous reply was just two words and a chuckle… “He’s right!”

Ward departed the penthouse after doing some one on one interviews on the terrace. I followed him down to the lobby in a separate elevator. In the lobby I spotted the well dressed superstar kindly taking photos for fans. As he was heading out to West 56th Street for his limo ride with is Roc Nation team and pal Andre Berto, I asked Ward the same question: “Andre, Mayweather recently advised you to duck Kovalev. Your comment.”

Ward, like Kovalev, pondered the surprise question and then issued his prompt answer, also with a friendly, amused smile… “No comment!”

Andre Ward will take on Krusher Kovalev on November 19th at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, to be televised by HBO Pay Per View. — Scoop Malinowski


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