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Unbeatable Golovkin Shines Again In London

Gennady Golovkin’s incredible dominance of boxing is beginning to remind one of other historical dominant sports greats like Secretariat, Usain Bolt, The Yankees, UCLA Bruins in college basketball, The New York Islanders, Edmonton Oilers and the unbeaten Dolphins of 1972. Golovkin faced the biggest threat of his career tonight in London in Kell Brook but prevailed once again with a fifth round TKO. It was the 23rd straight stoppage win by Golovkin. Previously unbeaten welterweight champ Brook boxed well and was able to connect with some heavy punches throughout the fight (and even redden GGG’s face around the eyes in the first round). But in a very exciting fight, Golovkin never lost his composure despite the adversity and eventually broke the will and spirit of Brook who began to look beaten and bloody on his stool after round four. By the fifth round Golovkin’s punches were badly damaging Brook and wisely his trainer threw in the towel to stop the massacre before a brutal knockout could be administered. Despite the stoppage loss, Brook’s value as a fighter was certainly enhanced by this performance. You can be assured that no other name welterweight (Khan, Thurman, Pacquiao, Floyd or Broner) will seek to fight Brook, who also proved tonight he is a super talent but he’s also a huge draw attraction who has the capacity to sellout the 02 Arena in London. Heterophonie ist nicht nur in außereuropäischen traditionen und hoch-kulturen, sondern auch in der volksmusik europas eine weitverbreitete praxis. Some critics will try to claim Golovkin showed vulnerability tonight because he absorbed several direct, heavy hits however you can be quite sure that Canelo Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather, Billy Joe Saunders and Danny Jacobs will absolutely NOT pursue a fight with Golovkin any time soon. What we learned tonight is that Gennady Golovkin could very well be the greatest champion athlete in sports today – or at least on the same pantheon as Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, Sidney Crosby, and Novak Djokovic. — Scoop Malinowski.

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