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Biofile: Alex Stewart RIP

Image resultStatus: Former heavyweight contender and 1984 Olympian for Jamaica. Achieved a professional record of 43-10 (40 KOs).

DOB: June 28, 1964 In: London, England

Ht: 6-3 Wt: 218

Childhood Heroes: “Sugar Ray Robinson. Muhummad Ali. Ken Norton. Joe Frazier. George Foreman – it was like a dream fighting George (in 1992).”

Current Hobbies: “Table tennis. Swimming. Tennis. Walking on the beach.”

Best Book Read: “The Art of Self Defense. Black Lightning by Billy Costello”

All Time Favorite Fight(s): “Leonard-Hearns 1. Ali-Frazier 3.”

Favorite Boxing Movies: “On The Waterfront. Gentleman Jim.”

Best Fighter I Ever Saw: “Pernell Whitaker. He’s a helluva boxer, fundamentally sound and in great condition all the time.”

Biggest Sports Thrill: “When I went to the Olympics in 1984 in Los Angeles, representing Jamaica. It’s mind-boggling. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was. Such a great experience. The fact that I was representing my country. The fact I was taking part in such a large competition that was going on for centuries. And just being there.”

Favorite Meal: “Swordfish, peanuts, dumpling potatoes.”

Favorite Movies: “Indiana Jones movies. Adventure films. Lethal Weapon.”

Musical Tastes: “All music, opera, pop, different old music, good pop, Luther Vandross.”

Pre-Fight Feeling: “The pure determination and grit to beat the other guy.”

Favorite Sport Outside Boxing: “Running, track, the 100 meters. I love watching them run relays.”

Favorite TV Shows: “Doogie Houser MD. Quantum Leap. The Cosby Show. Thunderbirds – English program.”

How Old Were You When You Started Boxing: “Ten.”

Why Did You Start: “I was fighting all the time anyway. This kid brought gloves to the cricket club in England. From there I got hooked.”

Interesting Fact: “I love to watch old fight videotapes. Watch the fighters in fights through their careers. See how they improved or didn’t improve.”

Pets: “Goldfish. I had a lot. I had about 16 or 20. Before I left to train. No I have eight. My wife takes care of them and they die. She didn’t change the water.”

Person I Most Admire: “My mom (Patricia Stewart).”

By Scoop Malinowski

(Note: This interview was done in New York at Madison Square Garden in 1992.)

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