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Is Povetkin Being Framed?

By Scoop Malinowski

I wonder if Al Haymon has manipulated VADA to frame Povetkin? It’s curious that Stiverne was caught using an illegal drug in Nov and the WBC allowed him to still fight Povetkin in the WBC Eliminator. Suddenly this week Povetkin tests positive and the fight gets cancelled. I would not put it past Haymon to manipulate VADA or the WBC get rid of Povetkin. Arum told Greg Leon in a Boxingtalk interview in 2010 that he feared that Haymon would manipulate USADA to frame Pacquiao with a fake positive test and that was a reason why they refused to trust USADA to do the drug testing and an obstacle that blocked the fight from happening. When it comes to Al Haymon I always remember the words of Paul Malignaggi before he boxed Broner: “Al Haymon can manipulate anything. What Al Haymon wants Al Haymon gets. Das internet stellt eine große hilfe dar und informiert über stellen vor ort sowie in anderen deutschen städten. ”  And with Floyd inactive Wilder is now Haymon’s primary asset. We know Haymon wants to run boxing in the USA and he can only do that with a big star to control and sell. Hence a motive for Haymon to do anything under the sun in order to protect Wilder from having to fight Povetkin – a fighter he can’t control or manipulate. (Another possible motive: Povetkin and his promoter Andre Ryabinsky have a $34. 5M lawsuit against the WBC and Team Wilder/DiBella. )  It would not be unwise for Povetkin and his promoter Ryabinsky to seriously consider investigating Haymon and VADA.


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