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Make Boxing Great Again

By Scoop Malinowski

There’s really only one way to make boxing great again. All the cross-marketing and social media platforms in the world will not do the trick. Making all the smartest business decisions (ducking and dodging and handpicking patsies) will not accomplish the goal. Boxing has to match the best versus the best, like the way it used to be.

Remember Showtime’s “SUPER SIX” Super Middleweight tournament? Stage one of those in each weight division and boxing within one year boxing will be the world’s greatest sport again.

Super Six was a super success but since it happened a few years ago, there have been no similar follow-up events. Everybody in boxing knows the Super Six was a smash hit but all the powers that be have dropped the ball and continued their risk-aversion, greed-inspired business methods of building and protecting their artificial superstars.

Right now, the time is perfect to stage a Heavyweight Super Six event with Anthony Joshua, Wladimir Klitschko, Joseph Parker, Deontay Wilder, Alexander Povetkin and yes, Tyson Fury. Do you realize how exciting that would be, if all the players agreed to it?

I realize their are TV network obstacles but those can be worked out. Anything and everything can be negotiated – Pacquiao vs Mayweather proved that.

The upside of staging a heavyweight tournament to crown a new, undisputed heavyweight champion can and will save the sport – and make boxing great again. It will set the tone for boxing and all the other weight divisions will follow the example.

Anybody who refuses to participate and take the risk(s) (Al Haymon) deserves to be eliminated and blackballed from the sport.


(Artwork by Scoop Malinowski)






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