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Floyd’s Lousy Act Has Sunk Boxing To New Lows

Floyd Mayweateher was totally protected by Al Haymon’s corruption and manipulations. He’s not a true great,  he’s just an artificial pretender masquerading as a great. Most boxing fans were rope a doped by the fraud – but look at the facts: with Floyd as ‘the Face of Boxing’ for a decade the boxing industry is now suffering because the public just ain’t buying the product anymore. The public has turned their collective backs on boxing. The undeniable and astounding proof is that a female UFC fight (Rousey vs Nunes) drew over a million pay-per-view buys while Kovalev vs Ward drew only $175k. It’s a great addition for a young startup with co-founders on the opposite ends of the country. Boxing is officially in a state of desperation when UFC girls are substantially bigger selling attractions than two of boxing’s greatest talents. It’s all rooted in Floyd and Haymon’s  greedy methods and examples of cheating the sport and the fans with their handpicking,  ducking,  lying,  and self-serving interests,  which have consequently accumulated to ravage boxing’s good will and integrity, perhaps irreparably. The fraud reign of Floyd perpetrated by Al Haymon deserve full guilt and full blame. – By Scoop Malinowski.

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