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Luis “King Kong” Ortiz Blasts “Scared” Wilder

Luis Ortiz did not mince his provocative words for WBC Heavyweight beltholder Deontay Wilder: “He’s scared! The more he can use my failed test against me he will. He and (promoter Lou) DiBella are saying he won’t fight me because of that. That was years ago, and since that unfortunate incident, for which I was punished, I have tested a dozen times clean. Now he’s trying to say I haven’t signed up for VADA Clean Boxing… guess what Wilder – I signed up last September when I was notified that all WBC contenders need to be part of their new Clean Boxing Program. I filled out the paperwork and my trainer submitted it to the WBC. He can stop using that excuse to avoid me. I have nothing to hide and do not have to prove any longer to anyone that I am clean. Wilder is nothing but a paper champion who happened to be at the right place at the right time against the right opponent with, most importantly, the right promoter. That’s all he is. “…When I look at Deontay Wilder, I see an unsure, scared fighter. He’s crazy with his technique and worried about being hit. When you are that worried about getting hit, when you do get hit, you usually get knocked out. ”


Ortiz says sooner or later, Wilder will run out of excuses to avoid him or be run out of boxing. “My mentality was always to beat whoever was the best fighter in my division, period. I don’t handpick my opponents. This is all weird and new to me. He can’t run for much longer though. Educational trends often have unintended consequences for school budgeting, several school business officials said. I assume he will try to unify or vacate before he has to fight me. He can’t unify with the Joshua/Klitschko winner because I am the mandatory above any unification fight, and I will not be jumped over. So, he can try to beat up (New Zealand-based contender Joseph) Parker after his next fight. Then retire the paper champion he is. ”.

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