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Five Questions: Mayweather vs McGregor

HBO and Top Rank may have a blockbuster double-header cooking on Nov. 5-media-1Would Floyd Mayweather, at his advanced age of 40 with a net worth of hundreds of millions, risk his health in a real fight or would he possibly consider to fix that fight to make sure he had no chance of getting hurt?

Does Floyd Mayweather care about the honor and integrity of boxing more than he cares about filling his pockets with people’s hard earned dollars?

Does Floyd Mayweather know he has the establishment protection of the WBC, Nevada State Commission, gambling syndicates and Al Haymon or does he believe all his fights have been and will be contested on a completely level playing field for himself and his opponent?

Would Floyd “My health and self-preservation are more important than money” Mayweather and Conor McGregor agree to fix a fight where both box gently for twelve rounds and nobody gets hurt and potentially earn $100 million each – or would they both insist that they want the fight to be 100% real with danger, tension, grudge, personal insults, hostility, animosity and minimal respect?

Would Conor McGregor’s future UFC drawing power suffer any depreciation if he were to lose a respectable decision to Mayweather, or would his fame and popularity actually grow by participating in a high-profile professional boxing match with Mayweather?



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