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Canelo Faking GGG Negotiations Again?

Canelo Alvarez and Golden Boy are again making news by supposedly engaging in negotiations with Gennady Golovkin for a September showdown – which could happen if Alvarez beats Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in May and Golovkin defeats Danny Jacobs next month. But it could just be more lip service from the Canelo camp to pose as courageous and finally being ready to fight Golovkin after two years of ducking and excuse-making.


If Golovkin were to lose to Jacobs, Canelo can say: “See? I tried to fight him but he lost, so you can’t call me a protected fraud coward anymore because I was sincerely trying to make the fight with Golovkin but he lost to Jacobs.”  Lots of protected fighters have utilized this ploy in the past: Pretend to want to fight the big destroyer weeks before his next fight, while secretly hoping the big destroyer lost and then the protected pretender could say “See? I tried to fight him but…”


I recall Don King played this game with John Ruiz before Vitali Klitschko’s fight with Danny Williams.  But Klitschko destroyed Williams and Don King and John Ruiz crept back under their rock and never tried to pursue a fight with Vitali after Vitali knocked out Williams.


So let’s wait and see if Canelo really does want to fight Golovkin after Jacobs is dismissed and if any contracts are SIGNED.  This latest scheme by Team Canelo posturing like they want to fight Golovkin right now is very likely just more media manipulation because Golden Boy’s future is totally dependent on Canelo staying undefeated for years and years and years.  If (or when) Canelo gets knocked out by Golovkin, Golden Boy’s struggling empire will crash and burn.  And because Golden Boy has no other marquee selling attractions to promote, it would very likely be the deathblow end of Golden Boy Promotions.   – Scoop Malinowski

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