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The Biofile: Keith Thurman (2011)

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By Scoop Malinowski

Status: Welterweight champion. DOB: November 23, 1988 In: Tampa, FL

Ht: 5-9 Wt: 147

Boxing Heroes: “As a child I never really boxed. Through time and getting into it, Mike Tyson has to be one of my greatest all time fighters. Muhammad Ali. I like going back looking at the classics like Roberto Duran. I like the old time fighters, when you had a champion in the old days you really had a true champion. Alkansäure + alkohol alkansäureester + wasser die säurestärke der alkansäuren nimmt mit zunehmender kettenlänge ab. Muhammad Ali would take on anybody. You had the greats fighting everybody. ”

Hobbies/Leisure Activities: “Most of the time during the day I spend a lot with friends or on the computer. I don’t like TV too much, there’s too much fake stuff on TV. I play the guitar. I figured, I’m 23, might as well try to learn something new. ”

Favorite Movies: “Too many to name. ”

Last Book Read: “It was about an assassin back in the old Japanese era. It was a detective case. It was a very phenomenal book, the author was a female writer. I don’t remember her name or the title. It was part of a series. I got the book from the library. ”

Favorite TV Shows: “Don’t like TV. ”

Musical Tastes: “Hip-hop, R&B, but I just like good music whatever it is, that’s my favorite. ”

Favorite Meal: “When on diet or off? On diet – Subway’s tuna. Off a diet – I can just tear up a whole tub of ice cream. In one sitting. Ask my girlfriend. ”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Cheesecake strawberry. ”

First Job: “That was lawn maintenance as a young kid in Clearwater. ”

First Car: “Same car I have now – my ’01 Mustang (white). ”

Pre-Fight Feeling: “I’m just thinking about how hard I trained. What I’m capable of. Going out and showing people, visualize the fight a little bit. Normally I visualize the night before, certain combinations, how I would like the fight to end. ”

First Boxing Memory: “Would have to be when I was first introduced into boxing which was when I was seven years old. At the school cafeteria there was a boxing exhibition held by my trainer (Ben Gettys). He said there was sign-up sheets on the table in the back and I decided to sign up. I took the papers, put it in my backpack, took it home. Told my mom I wanted to box. Been boxing ever since. ”

Greatest Boxing Moment: “The greatest boxing moment so far. so far the biggest accomplishment I give myself is getting the silver in the Olympic Trials. Even though it’s kind of a defeat. Not too many people make it that far. I do see it as an accomplishment and one of my greatest. ”

Most Painful Moment: “When I couldn’t go to Argentina for the tournament because they made the cutbacks. The girls team got to go but the boys team couldn’t go. ”

Funny Boxing Memory: “I had to compete in a fight with shoes, they had no grip on them whatsoever. On the video, I call it the Slip and Slide fight. I won the fight. The kid talked a lot of trash and my coach wanted me to put it on him. But my feet kept sliding and it felt like I was on an ice rink trying to box. ”

Embarrassing Boxing Memory: “I seen someone shit in the ring during a match. That had to be pretty embarrassing. ”

Toughest Man Faced: “Would have to be, probably Charles Hatley. I saw Charles Hatley as a rival in the amateurs when I fought him in the PAL nationals, which I won, which qualified me for the Olympic Trials. I gave it my all and came out on top. We met again up at Colorado Springs and he was better prepared, got in better condition and he put it on me that fight. His style makes him difficult because he’s just as devastating left-handed as he is right-handed. We met up one more time in the Olympic Trials and I was able to defeat him. I got him two out of three but I categorize him as the toughest opponent I’ve met. ”

Describe Your Style: “I would say my style is counter punching. Boxer/puncher. But I definitely look for a way to counter at all times. Depending on the fight you might see a little change of style. ”

How do you explain all the first round knockouts? “What I try to do is find a weakness in my opponent. A way that I can hit you. One good, clean shot. Try to time it. If I can get it and the shot is there, if I find that shot in the first round and they go down, they go down. I’m prepared for anything, not just to get first round knockouts. If they’re there, I’m not gonna resist to take them. ”

What do you need to improve to reach the next level: “I would say we gotta get the rounds in. That, to me, thus far, is one of the big things to become a pro, a top pro. You have to be able to go 12 rounds, title match. A lot of amateurs are great amateurs but they just don’t quite cut it in the pros. It takes a little more in the pros, to get over that hump. To go to the eight, ten rounds. You just gotta train harder and come prepared. I don’t think I’m gonna have a problem with that. We’re not gonna rush anything in my career. I believe I will be ready with what my coach has me doing. Even though many of my fights have ended in the first round, I’ve been in condition to go the 12. ”

Who was the first famous boxer you met: “Tarver. Antonio Tarver. I met him when I was nine. In Clearwater, he came to our gym to work with someone. I sparred with a 16-year-old female, they took pictures with me and her and me and Antonio Tarver. I still have those pictures. ”

Your boxing inspiration: “To one day become world champion, to go as far as I can go and see where it takes me. ”

People Qualities Most Admired: “I like to see respect. Respect between fighters. I’m not going to talk trash. But if someone has something to say about me and I feel I’m being disrespected, I won’t mind to open up my mouth either. I see the sport as a gentleman’s sport. The sport goes way back. It’s a classic sport. I feel like the fighters should have respect for each other. “.

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