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WBC Punishes Povetkin

The WBC has suspended Russian heavyweight contender Alexander Povetkin for one year, fined him $250,000 and ordered him to pay for his own drug testing as a condition of reinstatement to boxing activity. So I feel pretty stupid, but I don’t how to track a phone know how to do this. In 2016, Povetkin had positive tests for the two illegal substances “meldonium” and “ostarine” (Note: meldonium did not become a banned illegal PED until December 31, 2015). The suspension of Povetkin is not a hundred percent enforceable because the WBC is just a sanctioning organization and NOT an official licensing commission. Povetkin has already boxed once in Russia after his two positive tests for performance-enhancing drugs. Russian boxing authorities allowed the positive-tested Povetkin to fight and knock out late substitute, Johann Dahaupas of France. Despite the one-year WBC suspension, Povetkin will still be allowed to continue to box in his home country of Russia if he chooses – he can also schedule a championship fight with another heavyweight title holder from one of the other three major sanctioning organizations (WBO/WBA/IBF). Curiously the WBC did not suspend or punish or take any action against Floyd Mayweather for his illegal IV which he was caught taking the day before the Pacquiao fight in 2015, nor did the WBC take serious punitive action against Bermane Stiverne who also recently tested positive for a banned substance. It’s interesting and curious that the WBC has opted to strictly enforce PED offenses with certain boxers while going soft or turning a blind eye on certain others.

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