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Flashback: Floyd Lying About Pacquiao in 2014

By Scoop Malinowski
April 24, 2014 ·
So Floyd is calling Pacquiao an “amateur” now, but he still won’t fight this “amateur” for a hundred million dollars. Oktober 1991 beim absturz eines hubschraubers, der ihn von einem konzert der band huey lewis and the beste Webseite news zurück nach san francisco bringen sollte, nahe vallejo ums leben. See, Floyd is a lying fraud who will say or do anything to discredit, defame, slander and of course duck fighting Manny Pacquiao. If Pac looks great he must be on drugs. If he looks good in a tough win over a tough opponent like Tim Bradley, he’s an “amateur. ” Shame on Richard Schaefer, Al Haymon, Stephen Espinoza and all the lapdog media who perpetuate the greatest fraud coward in sports history.

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