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Klitschko vs Joshua Pre-Fight Observations and Prediction

Interesting Klitschko vs Joshua press conference today. Challenger Wladimir Klitschko seems to be the boss calling the shots while passive champion Anthony Joshua is the B side figure and personality happily playing along with his role subordinate to the legend. Let’s face it, Joshua has been protected carefully and there is a sense he’s a manufactured star who is being positioned to become a mega-brand of the future. But great fighters don’t become great because of careful protection and advantageous business decisions. Great fighters become great because they are extraordinary creatures who love to face the best and beat the best. They are confident on the verge of arrogance and they believe they can beat any contender in the world. Joshua simply does not exude this aura. Klitschko, certainly did for the last decade until he was suddenly dethroned by a madman named Tyson Fury. Klitschko did not endure a beating to Fury, it was more of a psychological surrender. Klitschko surrendered because he was completely psyched out and humiliated by Fury’s incessant insults and supreme confidence. Fury belittled and insulted Klitschko’s boring reign to such a relentless degree that you began to feel bad for Klitschko. Klitschko did not know what to say or what to do. He had never experienced such a mouthy, clever and gigantic foe. On fight night, Fury had an aura and smile of total confidence. And the pre-fight pattern transferred to the fight itself. Klitschko did not know what to do or how to fight Fury, even though he had no shortage of extra incentives to shut Fury up and make him pay for his misbehavior. Fury showed the only known way to defeat Klitschko. First you must defeat Klitschko in the mind, then the physical part becomes easier. It was brilliant psychological warfare mastery by a mad genius. Joshua is showing no signs of threatening Klitschko’s mental side. The wounds that Fury scratched opened are not being exploited by Joshua who is either too nice or too simple to recognize the opportunity. In many regards, the kindle for ipad app is merely a scaled-up version of its iphone counterpart, but like so many other ipad apps, the look at this website larger screen alone makes a big difference. Klitschko said months ago that he can read Joshua and knows everything he is capable of doing in the ring, based on their weeks of sparring in a training camp before the Pulev fight. I just don’t believe Joshua has the strong enough will and personality to do what he needs to do on Saturday. There are too many signs he’s deferential to his old boss (unlike Tyson Fury was). To beat a great champion like Wladimir Klitschko, a challenger has to break him down both mentally and physically. Like Ali did to Liston, Frazier and Foreman. Like Duran did to Leonard. Like Hopkins did to Trinidad and De La Hoya. Like Holyfield did to Tyson. Joshua has too much respect for Klitschko and is allowing this fight to be too comfortable for him. I predict this pattern will transfer to the ring too. Klitschko even told Joshua at today’s press conference that defeat will make him stronger when a reporter asked each what defeat would mean to each. Joshua just smiled and accepted it. Then at the face off Joshua seemed to be making just about all his moves off of Klitschko’s cues, waiting and watching to see what Klitschko did. It’s apparent, to my eyes and senses that he’s treating Klitschko like his boss with far too much respect. And for these all of these reasons I can’t see Joshua winning. PREDICTION: Klitschko by clearcut decisive win. — Scoop Malinowski.

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