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Klitschko Won With Defeat To Joshua

Has Klitschko Solved Joshua Already?-media-1In the book Jack Dempsey: A Flame of Pure Fire, the former heavyweight champion told his biographer Roger Kahn that he wanted the readers to know a very important truth about his career. Dempsey told Kahn, “I want you to get to the people, that losing to Tunney was the making of me.”

Before the two losses to Gene Tunney, Dempsey had been a controversial and popular figure but not the beloved ex champion he would later become. In a sense, losing had actually been a victory of sorts for Dempsey.

It’s a strange quirk in boxing that losing major fights can actually gain a boxer more respect and glory than many or even most of his victories. Such seems to be the case of Wladimir Klitschko. The dominant champion for over a decade was respected by the public for his outstanding example and class but his reign has also been spotted by several less than exciting performances and cries by the media that he had only reigned over a supposedly “weak era.”

Against Anthony Joshua in April, Klitschko boxed the finest performance of his career according to his brother Vitali and Roy Jones Jr. However Dr Steelhammer was stopped by Joshua in the tenth round after a wildly exciting, drama-filled all-time heavyweight title slugfest.

Klitschko said after the loss that it actually did not feel like a loss. And Klitschko reiterated those comments earlier this week:

“At the end of April I competed against Anthony Joshua, and thereby took on the greatest of all challenges: In front of 90,000 spectators in a sold-out Wembley Stadium in London – as well as a TV audience of millions in more than 150 countries – I fought the fight of my life against the 28-year-old Englishman. I competed to conquer the best of the best. In the run-up, I was 100 percent certain that I would win the duel. Sadly, I failed to achieve my goal. The outcome was that my opponent won the fight. But despite this, and however absurd it may sound, I also left the ring victorious.”
Klitschko the great champion of boxing shows the example and inspiration that victory does not always come in the form that we expect.   – Scoop Malinowski

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