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Scoop Archives: Experts Contemplate Hopkins vs Taylor

senmeExperts Contemplate: Bernard Hopkins vs. Jermain Taylor
By Scoop Malinowski
The hugely-anticipated Bernard Hopkins vs. Jermain Taylor undisputed Middleweight championship showdown may be off supposedly because Hopkins was not satisfied with the terms of the rematch clause, should he lose to the young danger man. But we decided to ask the experts their opinions anyway of this fascinating showdown between the Arkansas young gun and the old warrior from Philadelphia:

Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero: “I have to go with the young guy. That Taylor has an incredible jab. And a solid straight right. Hopkins is 40 and could get old that night. I think with the jab he has, I don’t think Hopkins will be able to get through that jab.”

Zab Judah: “Bernard Hopkins by knockout. Jermain Taylor I think he’s too young right now to fight with a fighter than trains like Bernard Hopkins.”

Tarvis Simms: “That’s a tricky fight. If the fight goes the distance, I see Hopkins winning because of his savvyness. And all his tactics that he uses in the ring. But if the fight goes early I give it to Taylor. Because Taylor’s young, he’s fresh, he’s hungry and I see him being very aggressive but cautious against Hopkins.”

Roger Mayweather: “He’s a young guy. However the fight turns out it’s gonna be very close. Very close. I think Hopkins will probably pull it off on experience. But it’s still a close fight either way. Because of the fact he’s fighting a younger man. And a man who matches him up well in size. Because Hopkins has never fought no great middleweights besides Roy Jones. It’s gonna be a tough fight. It’s a tit-for-tat type fight. But I think Bernard’s has probably enough seasoning to pull it off. Gonna be a close fight though. Ain’t gonna be easy because the guy’s tall, rangy and a pretty decent puncher.”

Vivian Harris: “I like Hopkins. More experienced. He gonna take his time and definitely gonna break Taylor down.”

Yoel Judah: “Well I say if Jermain don’t get him early, Hopkins wins. (Why?) All his experience. If Jermain gets him, he gotta get him early. He is fighting the best in the world. Bernard’s my man, yo, he’s a seasoned veteran, he knows the ring in and out. Jermain’s gotta attack him early. I think Jermain gots the speed to really put it on Bernard, to get him. But the longer it goes, the better it is for Hopkins.”

Arturo Gatti: “Jermain Taylor is a good fighter. I think Bernard Hopkins has a little too much. And he’s more of a warrior. And I don’t think Taylor has been in those type of fights. But he’s got quick hands.”

Wayne Braithwaite: “I think Hopkins. Because he has a lot more experience. And been in a lot more bigger fights than Jermain. It would be the biggest fight of Jermain’s career. It would be hard. I think there’d be a lot of pressure on him. I think Hopkins.”

Harold Knight: “BHOP is not ready to give the title up not just yet! Too much experience, too smart. I hope he does not hurt Taylor, it’s just not his time yet. But this will make Jermain Taylor a better fighter and a champion later.”

DaVarryl Williamson: “Hopkins has the experience. I don’t think Jermain Taylor is ready for this particular guy. Hopkins does so many things well and is very effective at what he does.”

Ike Quartey: “Because I want to beat Hopkins, I want Hopkins to win [smiles]. I think he’s been there for a long time. Been through the wars. Taylor’s a young kid, up and coming. So when it comes to war, I put my money on Hopkins. And I want to beat Hopkins and I want him to win. I can beat ’em all. (You can beat Hopkins, no one else has for 12 years?) All these guys he’s fighting, they’re not strong like me. They haven’t got a jab like I’ve got. After Roy Jones, Hopkins fought no one. What? He fought Trinidad? Trinidad was too small. Oscar wasn’t ready. Eastman? Eastman is not one.”

Cedric Kushner: “I’m gonna go with the younger fresher fighter – Jermain. He’s an Olympian, he’s got a wealth of amateur experience, he’s got nothing to lose. If he loses, he lost to a great great fighter in Bernard Hopkins. If he wins he’s beaten a great great fighter.”

Jeff Resto: “Wow. I don’t know. Hopkins is good. He knows all the tricks. And Taylor is really good. He’s got a really good jab. But for some reason I think he’s still like…sometimes he still looks like an amateur sometimes. He’s got power in both hands and a very good jab which is the best punch he’s got. Might be too early, I don’t know.”

Curtis Stephens: “Hopkins schooling Taylor. Like the kid that he is. And still becoming undisputed Middleweight champion of the world.”

Brian Adams: “[Laughs]…I mean it’s not even something for me to think about. I like Bernard big in that fight.”

Luis Collazo: “Wow, I don’t even know. Last fight Bernard didn’t look too good on his feet. But I’ll still go with Bernard in that one.”

Lou DiBella: “Taylor late round knockout. (Were you concerned at how uncomfortable Jermain was when he was on ESPN with Hopkins? Could that be a factor?) No, not really, because he has a great deal of respect for Hopkins. He’s a respectful kid, no matter who he’s talking to – you, myself or anyone. He firmly believes that he will beat Bernard Hopkins. He wants the fight more than anything in the world. He’s confident. And I’m confident that I brought him along the right way. No, that doesn’t worry me. He’ll be respectful, even in the promotion. But he’s gonna let Bernard Hopkins know who’s gonna win. If Bernard Hopkins is man enough to let Jermain fight him in July.”


(Scoop watercolor painting by Filipino artist Sen Lacson.)

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