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Mayweather vs McGregor Press Conference Obervations

Conor McGregor is the real superstar with Ali like charisma and flair. Floyd Mayweather is the B side personality-wise. For sure, the producers and protectors did a masterful job manufacturing Floyd into mega star.

Yesterday at the Los Angeles press conference, Conor was brilliant but he was clearly censored and restricted from humiliating Floyd about the woman beating and personal attacks. Conor’s body language was magnificent, he smiled a lot and is sincerely elated and excited for opportunity. Despite the tall task of trying to beat a top boxer in a foreign forum, the Irish hero’s renowned confidence appears intact.

As big a star as Floyd is, he is the second fiddle to Conor’s presence and he seems unusually angry and frustrated for some reason(s) even though he is such a heavy favorite to be victorious. Despite Floyd having all the conditions and terms in his favor, someone on his side cut off Conor’s mic so he couldn’t reply to Floyd’s unsophisticated insults. Conor got the biggest cheers and roars from the crowd while  Floyd sat helplessly suffering through ovations he wishes he could experience just once. Floyd caught himself trying to provoke a cheer for himself. He was about to make a gesture of raising his hands aloft but restrained himself because he knew he would have been booed heavily. So instead he stopped his hands short and adjusted his hat bill instead of raising his hands up all the way. Floyd is no dope – knows he’s a repulsive, disliked-by-the-public figure.

Conor verbally abused Mayweather, saying he is little with small hands and a small head and that he can’t afford a suit and he wore a puffed up sweatsuit to hide his skinny physique. Conor believes he will KO Floyd in four. He practically guaranteed it: “mark my words.” Conor noted that he is the one with the courage to take on Floyd in his boxing domain, “that’s real confidence.” Cleverly but indirectly pointing out that Floyd does not have the courage to dare to try to fight Conor in UFC in USA or Ireland.

Floyd’s top line was that he will put Conor on his face or on his back, “it’s your choice.” All in all it was a very interesting conference. This fight actually appears real and not a possible  in-house money grab like Canelo vs GGG seems with all the mutual admiration and politeness from all parties involved. Conor vs Floyd LOOKS like it could be a real fight. Let’s hope so. Another Floyd Mayweather dud fight would be catastrophic.

Another factor that has to be considered is Floyd’s IRS issues. He reportedly owes over twenty million in unpaid taxes and apparently cannot pay until AFTER the McGregor fight on August 26.   Floyd is desperate for liquid cash now and with this gigantic IRS problem it is possible he could be manipulated to throw the fight – or do what the power that be wish.

McGregor keeps saying Floyd is “fooked” with that beaming smile. And Floyd just sits there sad, tired and frustrated.  It’s intriguing.

Floyd hasn’t any leverage anymore. He’s 40 and on his way out. No leverage means no protection. Conor is the money fighter now with the bigger earning potential upside. Floyd is ready and long overdue to be sacrificed.

We have known for years that Floyd can’t sell on his own. He’s dead as an attraction by himself. At this stage Floyd can only piggyback off stars like Pacquiao or Conor. It’s a possibility or at least a remote possibility that Floyd may be ordered to dive or play soft to pay off the IRS because there are no guarantees this fight will sell big.

If Floyd wins by easy decision, there is nothing left for Floyd or the powers-that-be to make big money on. If Conor wins, the rematch would be beyond absolutely gigantic.

At first this fight looked like a walk in the park for Floyd. But Floyd’s IRS issues change the ballgame.

We all know what the boxing business is governed by, don’t we?

-Scoop Malinowski






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