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McGregor Is Destroying Mayweather


By Scoop Malinowski

This is supposed to be a set up. A Big Set Up for America’s most protected, Floyd Mayweather, to shine on centerstage in beating the UFC hero Conor McGregor. But the best laid plans often go awry and boy oh boy, are they going awry.

Conor McGregor is literally destroying Floyd Mayweather. With a wit and rage and relentless offensive, McGregor is verbally destroying the American in front of all the world watching.

At the LA press conference on Tuesday, Showtime and Mayweather made attempts to censor McGregor by cutting off his microphone (and who knows what else). Yesterday in Toronto, McGregor found and used a working mic and raged back with incredible fury, calling Showtime boss Stephen Espinoza a weasel and a bitch, “I can see it in your eyes, you’re a weasel bitch.”

McGregor saved his best taunts for Mayweather. There were so many it was hard to count. Inciting the pro McGregor crowd into a “Fuck the Mayweathers” chant. Yelling at Floyd to “dance for me boy.” Insulting Mayweather’s immaturity in dress code. Pointing out that at age 28 he’s a true superstar and at 28 Floyd was boxing on De La Hoya undercards.  Shouting that Floyd is “boxing’s biggest bitch.”

You get the picture. Floyd tried to laugh off the stunts in the beginning but minutes into the savage attacks, his fake smile became a blank face.

Mayweather is way out of his league trying to match wits with McGregor. One anecdote illustrated it: When Floyd grabbed an Irish flag, McGregor warned him if he does anything to it he will get fucked up right now. Mayweather got the message and ended up feebly walking over and giving the flag to McGregor. McGregor’s response was to throw it back at Floyd.

Expressing a vehement self belief, McGregor scoffed at all experts who say he has no chance to beat the 49-0 boxer as “crazy.” He pointed out the fact that he was written off as a no-hope versus the top MMA fighter Jose Aldo whom he later dispatched in just thirteen seconds.

This is the first time in his career that Mayweather has had to deal with a verbally dominant superstar and it’s a very uncomfortable environment for poor Floyd. He is not responding well to the truly epic and sensational attacks to his flawed character and persona. Oscar De La Hoya and all the critics who labeled this fight a circus have to be surely loving so far what McGregor is doing in these outrageously entertaining press conference videos.

You wonder if this commanding McGregor dynamic will actually transfer from the press tour to the ring on August 26.  Is it possible that McGregor is mentally destroying Mayweather and actually can now do the physical job inside the boxing ring?

It’s possible but still unlikely, given that McGregor has never had a professional or amateur boxing match and Mayweather, even at age 40, is still considered one of the very best in the business of fist fighting.

But McGregor is an extraordinary figure with a very special mind and will. Mere mortals cannot measure his limits or what he is capable of.

In just two days we have learned that McGregor is smarter than the whole Mayweather team and the Showtime apparatus, which, according to McGregor, are conspiring against him, to put him in uncomfortable situations on this press tour. “But I thrive in uncomfortable situations!” he yelled with glee and joy and a spirit of wicked vengeance.

You get the sense that no matter what kitchen sinks and wrenches the pro-Floyd producers throw at McGregor, his creative, resourceful warrior brain will find a way to turn the tables and emerge victorious. You get the sense that no matter what one or two punch combinations Mayweather unleashes at McGregor in the ring, it might not be enough.

Mayweather has never experienced anything like this wonder of the world Conor McGregor, who has taken over an entire sport at age 26 with no political corruption or Al Haymon manipulating. It’s like trying to deal with Muhammad Ali, Bernard Hopkins and prime Mike Tyson all at once. It’s clearly evident why McGregor has become so popular and famous all over the world. He is a true icon, a one in a billion type of superstar athlete who transcends a sport. Astute ring observers know Floyd Mayweather is a protected, manufactured, spoiled brat, fraud duck who would be long gone if the politics did not favor him for the last decade.

When Mayweather sees McGregor, he sees a man he wishes he could be. He sees a true champion superstar beloved by the world, who effortlessly evokes roars of love and admiration from fans around the world with a simple sentence or body gesture. He sees true confidence, a self-assured man with no fear or self doubt, willing to take on a top boxer in his realm and in a foreign country. Mayweather would never fight McGregor in Ireland under UFC rules, he doesn’t have the courage or confidence to do that.

Yes, when Mayweather sees McGregor, he sees everything he wishes he could have been, everything he pretends to be.

I am beginning to think it’s possible that the truth will all be revealed on August 26 in Las Vegas. The truth will rise to the top and the fraud will finally be brutally exposed once and for all, for all the world to see. Conor McGregor has the power of mind and soul to achieve what hardly anyone thinks he can.



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