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Golovkin Implies Canelo is a Chicken

Golovkin vs Canelo: The Superfight With Zero Buzz-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski

Last week, after months of calm waters and little tension or grudge, Gennady Golovkin suddenly generated some turbulence by directing some choice words at his arch-rival Canelo Alvarez.

Golovkin said this:  “I am not Julio César Chȧvez, Jr. and Canelo is no Danny Jacobs.  There are no survivors in my fights,” said Golovkin.   “Boxing is a business.  If I look great against Jacobs…if I knocked him out,  I would not be getting this fight with Canelo now.  Jacobs was a very good fighter and gave me good learning experience going 12 rounds.  I have never done that before.  I felt amazing going 12 rounds for the first time.  Jacobs gives everyone problems.” 

Let me translate Golovkin’s diplomatic statement so you can understand the message he’s really sending, in case you couldn’t read between the lines:  “Canelo has been ducking me for three years ALREADY. If I would have taken Jacobs to the slaughterhouse and won by early knockout, chicken Canelo and chicken Oscar would have run for the hills and fabricated some more ridiculous excuses like ‘We want the fight to marinate another twelve to twenty-four months’ or ‘GGG’s pay per view numbers are too low’ or ‘We need to get 90% of the purse.’  The only reason Canelo and Oscar finally stepped up to the plate is because they think I look vulnerable and they can either win a controversial decision. But little do they know I held back on Jacobs and pulled my punches so as to trick Canelo and Oscar to gain a false sense of security. They have fallen into my trap.’

Hopefully this week will generate some more combative and egotistical words by each fighter because so far the pre-fight hype for Golovkin vs Canelo has been completely devoid of any drama or excitement.

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