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War of Words: Hopkins vs De La Hoya


By Scoop Malinowski


Before his famous super fight with Oscar De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins, WBC/IBF/WBA Middleweight champion, uttered these “war of words” from his training camp in Miami:

“The key to this fight is not going to be power. It is going to be one word…and that one word is ‘speed.’

It is hard to find a villain in this match. De La Hoya has never dissed another fighter. He has a laid-back Golden Boy style. Look at the Vargas fight…Vargas said he was not a true Mexican. But then in the ring, Oscar showed he was what he was said not to be.

He is not a knockout puncher. I have a great chin and I can close the fight at any time.

De La Hoya is anticipating on living, not on winning. If he wants to live, he will be in shape to run, to run, and to run.

De La Hoya will be committing suicide to fight me the way he fought Felix Sturm in June. He underestimated Sturm was a blueprint for me not to train…but I will not fall into that trap on September 18th. Oscar De La Hoya will be my 19th victim…Oscar, you are loco for fighting me.”


From the Scoop Malinowski boxing archives.

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