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Stiverne Stars in Performance as Human Punching Bag

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“Perfect truth is almost always unbelievable.” – Machiavelli

By Scoop Malinowski

Bermane Stiverne gave a perfect performance as a human punching bag last night in Brooklyn, eating Deontay Wilder’s punches as if he were competing in the famous Nathan’s Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Embarrassingly, Stiverne offered more rolls of fat and flab than any resistance or defiance to Wilder who was allowed and practically invited to tee off on his pudgy, soft carcass and that’s just what Wilder did, without any fear of return fire. How easy it is to enter a boxing ring and unleash punches when you know you’re opponent is a fat, paid off patsy with zero intent to do anything but swallow punches.

After the “win”, Wilder also gave an impressive acting performance of his own, proclaiming to have desire to fight the world’s best heavyweight Anthony Joshua but we all know that is just another flimflam. Wilder is already setting up the “juicing” Joshua as a PED cheat and that, I am certain, is going to be the primary method for which he will duck Joshua, exactly like it’s been heavily speculated that Team Floyd orchestrated to smear Manny Pacquiao as a PED cheat in order to protect Floyd Mayweather from the prime Filipino dynamo for six years until he aged and slowed down.

The prevailing theory is this: Team Wilder will scheme a smear campaign to demonize Joshua as a drug cheat. If Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn refuse to back down and Wilder actually signs a contract to fight Joshua, after an impossibly long negotiating process of course, then expect a minute, trace sample of some kind of banned substance to mysteriously appear (and very likely planted) in Joshua’s test. Which of course will cancel the fight, conveniently for Wilder and his handlers who want to continue to manufacture Wilder as a KO machine against opponents they totally control, like every other opponent who has been hired to get in the ring with Wilder.

Wilder’s ducking of Dillian Whyte (and a career high payday to face Whyte) and the WBC’s conspiring to screw Whyte out of a WBC Eliminator to fight Wilder is extremely suspicious activity which exposes Wilder as a protected fraud pretender. It proves that Al Haymon and Lou DiBella are so lacking confidence in Wilder that they fear the possibility of Whyte beating their  next patsy Breazeale which could set them up to have to risk doing Wilder vs Whyte.

Or perhaps, Haymon and DiBella are so corrupt and so greedy and so desperate to build up Wilder into a franchise money maker that they will do anything, absolutely anything to protect Wilder and destroy anything or anyone that threatens Wilder.  Even fabricating positive PED tests in fighters who threaten Wilder? Yes I would say that’s very possible.

So don’t hold your breath for Joshua vs Wilder happening any time soon. Expect Joshua to eventually set his sights on Tyson Fury.

And then expect Wilder to beat up on more fat, helpless, inept, incompetent, hired, undeserving, pathetic, and/or paid off patsies like Bermane Stiverne over the next few years, or perhaps for as long as the next decade.

I would guess Al Haymon is even planning so far ahead to manufacture Wilder to… break Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record.

“Al Haymon can manipulate anything.” – Paul Malignaggi

“Al Haymon is Vince McMahon.” — Name withheld upon request.

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