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Is Anthony Joshua a Black Supremacist?

A Parody Analysis of the McGregor vs Mayweather “fight”-media-1By Scoop Malinowski

Former Klitschko challenger “Fast” Eddie Chambers has been attempting to talk his way into a second world title fight with World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua. And the talented Philadelphia native’s plucky persistence has evidently annoyed the man on the throne.

This week, the Eddie Chambers Instagram account has exposed a verbal spat between Chambers and Joshua which revealed Joshua telling Chambers, “You’re a disgrace to the superior black race.”

A friend of Chambers showed this racially charged exchange and you can see it for yourself at the Fast Eddie Chambers Instagram account.

So far, the media has not made a gigantic issue of this flagrant violation of political correctness where racial equality is indoctrinated to the public. But just imagine if Wladimir Klitschko or Tyson Fury made such a comment on his social media account to one of his irritating possible challengers: “You’re a disgrace to the superior white race.”

The media would, without a doubt, go into frenzy attack mode and slander and smear any white boxing champion who publicly dared to say the inflammatory phrase “the superior white race” on social media.

So far Joshua is getting a free pass. So far.

And if he does get the free pass, the question begs to be answered: Is there a double standard that protects black freedom of speech and crucifies the exact same white freedom of speech?

Will the media eventually pick up on this story and attack and demonize or at least punish Joshua’s apparent belief that there is not racial equality and that the “black race” is “superior”?

Or will the media strategically ignore this story because it does not reinforce the anti white media agenda — to wait for the next opportunity to Hitlerize and demonize a prominent white athlete for making an absurd social media gaffe like Joshua just did to Eddie Chambers?




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