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Flashback: How Floyd Mayweather Engineered The Greatest Duck In Boxing History

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Note: I originally wrote this article for Boxing Insider in 2013.
By Scoop Malinowski

Only in America does cowardice pay off in professional boxing.
Here is an unofficial timeline compilation, including all of Floyd Mayweather’s massive inventory of excuses since late 2009 to relentlessly avoid a world championship superfight against Manny Pacquiao…

Floyd Mayweather: “All Pacquiao has to do is call out my name if he wants to fight me.”

Manny Pacquiao: “I want to fight Mayweather.”

George Peterson (associate of Al Haymon): “The fight will never happen. It will never happen. Some fights aren’t meant to be made. Floyd will duck Pacquiao forever.”

Oscar: “It has to happen. There’s just too much money involved.”

Floyd: “Manny already has five losses. There is no blueprint to beat me.”

Floyd: “I’m not doing the fight because Pacquiao is on steriods, he’s won’t take the test.”

Manny: “Okay, I will take all of your drug tests even on the day of the fight and right after the fight. Let’s fight.”

Floyd: “I want more money. I’m not interested in boxing right now. I’m cleaning up boxing and cleaning up all sports.”

Manny: “Okay, I will take lesser pay, you can have 55%, let’s fight.”

Floyd: “I’m not doing the fight if Bob Arum is involved. I hate Bob Arum. I’m cleaning up boxing and all sports, to make it a level playing field.”

Floyd: “I’m dedicating time to training kids at my gym I’m not interested in boxing.”

Manny: “Let’s do winner take all.”

Floyd Sr: “I fear for my son’s life if he fights Pacquiao. That’s what it comes down to.”

Floyd: “Fans and media please support me, let me duck Pacquiao, I wear the red white and blue, Pacquiao takes money out of America and gives it to Filipinos.”

Floyd: “I don’t love boxing anymore like I used to, because boxing isn’t real anymore.”

Floyd: “I lied. Manny Pacquiao is clean, he never took no steroids. I’m sorry. I’m paying Manny a settlement for the defamation lawsuit. But I’m not revealing the three tests where I allegedly tested positive myself just like my two fighters J’Leon Love and Mickey Bey tested positive.”
Fans and media: “Pacquiao-Mayweather is the only fight that will draw the biggest numbers in boxing history. We want to see Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.”

Floyd: “Health is more important than money. I want to be there for my kids. I don’t want to be walking with a limp or end up like Muhammad Ali. I’m smart. I’m a rich scared coward.”

Floyd: “I’m on vacation.”

Fans and media: “Shut up Floyd, just fight Manny.”

Floyd: “I’m not interested in boxing right now, I’m focusing on promoting. Pacquiao needs to avenge his losses to Bradley and Marquez first.”

Floyd: “I call all the shots, I’m my own boss. Pacquiao isn’t his own boss.”

Steven A. Smith: “The way I see it Floyd is ducking Pacquiao.”

Pacquiao loses to Marquez by KO

Floyd: “Manny is washed up now so I’m not fighting him. He has to sign with TMT and leave Top Rank.”

Pacquiao: “If it’s such an easy fight then why not fight me?”

Leonard Ellerbe: “Floyd is never going to fight Pacquiao, Pacquiao had his chance and he didn’t take it.”

Steven A. Smith: “Manny, do you think Floyd is afraid of you.”

Manny: “I think it’s kind of that [smiling].”

Floyd: “I want my team to continue handpicking all my opponents. To steal more money from the fans.”
Pacquiao dominates Brandon Rios in Macau

Floyd Sr: “Manny has to fight Canelo or Guerrero first then he can have a fight with Floyd.”

Floyd: “Manny is 1-2 of his last three fights. He just beat a lightweight that was tailor made for him.”

Floyd Sr: “Manny ain’t ready for my son.”

Floyd: “Manny’s PPV numbers are dropping, they aren’t as good as mine. Amir Khan is a solid opponent.”

Manny: “I want to fight Floyd Mayweather”

World Boxing Council: “We’re installing Manny Pacquiao as the No. 1 contender to force Floyd to fight Manny next year.”

Floyd: “I don’t need a belt, the belt doesn’t make the fighter. I’m bigger than boxing. I will vacate the belt. I’m going to handpick Khan, he’s a solid opponent. Al Haymon will manipulate Showtime to buy it. Khan is a solid opponent.”

Floyd Sr: “Khan is faster than Manny.”

Floyd: “The only reason Manny is trying to fight me now is because of his tax problems, he needs the money. He’s not challenging me for the fans or to give the world a superfight, he needs the money.”
Showtime and Golden Boy waiting for the right time to announce Floyd Mayweather vs. Amir Khan, a fight better suited for ESPN or as a You Tube sparring session than PPV. Showtime desperately hoping Mayweather-Khan doesn’t lose another $l2,000,000 as was the rumored financial loss on Mayweather-Guerrero.

Al Haymon has been instrumental in allowing Mayweather to duck Pacquiao. Keeping Floyd undefeated is vitally important for Haymon to maintain his leverage and influence in boxing. As one astute scribe said it, “Floyd Mayweather is the Harlem Globetrotters, all his opponents are the Washington Generals.”


American boxing desperately needs a Tyson Ali Leonard type star to sell to the public. Floyd has been chosen to play the role of the modern American boxing star. Mayweather’s cowardice combined with Haymon’s desperate need to control an “unbeatable” corporate boxing entity are the two reasons why Floyd Mayweather has been permitted to successfully engineer the greatest duck in boxing history.
The only hope to make Pacquiao vs. Mayweather a reality is for annoyed fans to boycott and cancel their Showtime subscriptions until Mayweather is forced to sign to fight Pacquiao.


(Manny Pacquiao art by Sen Lacson.)

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