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Deontay Wilder, The Fraud That Roared

By Scoop Malinowski

Deontay Wilder can talk a lot of bulljive, you have to give him that credit. He may not fight anyone of any substance or any challenger not controlled by his protector Al Haymon, but the man talks so much he most likely talks to himself and talks in his sleep.

Deontay Wilder, may not walk the walk to prove his outrageous claims, but he will talk the talk and talk some more on top of that.

Just days away from facing his next Al Haymon-controlled patsy, Luis Ortiz, Wilder is doing a lot of…talking.

“I have that ability to do anything I want. I am the most dangerous man in the division, hands down. There hasn’t been anyone I have fought that I haven’t knocked out.”


“If he [Anthony Joshua] says that (Tyson Fury is his biggest threat), and he needs to keep that in his mind to feel confident because we know this fight will happen. If that gives him the confidence he needs to try and beat me, he is entitled to his own opinion.”

“But I think the fact remains: I am the most dangerous man in the heavyweight division. I can’t wait to prove it. I need the opportunity to show it to these guys and if I do, it’s on.”

All of Wilder’s big talk means nothing until he finally starts fighting heavyweights that are dangerous and NOT controlled by his protector Al Haymon.

So far, Wilder has ran for the hills when he’s been challenged by non-Haymon challengers. Alexander Povetkin was his mandatory challenger but someone found a trace of a PED in his drug test and Wilder used that excuse to dodge the fight.

Dillian Whyte challenged Wilder to a fight in England last year with his promoter Eddie Hearn offering Wilder the biggest payday of his life, $4,000,000. But Wilder ran for the hills and decided to fight Ortiz instead, for less money. The same Ortiz that Wilder refused to fight because of a supposedly failed drug test last year. But the question begs: Why will Wilder face alleged drug cheat Ortiz but not alleged drug cheat Povetkin? Most likely because Haymon controls Ortiz but not Povetkin. Should be easy to connect those dots. “Al Haymon can manipulate anything. What Al Haymon wants Al Haymon gets,” once said Paulie Malignaggi before he signed to work for Al Haymon.

Yes, Wilder can talk. He can talk about how he’s better than Mike Tyson or Lennox Lewis or Muhammad Ali. He can talk about how he’s supposedly going to fight the undisputed heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua eventually, but when talks get serious he prices himself out of the fight by demanding an even split despite the fact that he’s nowhere near as popular. Joshua is such an enormous attraction, he fills up 90,000 seat soccer stadiums while Wilder barely can fill high school gymnasiums.

Yes, Wilder can talk. If you’re a dummy and you listen to him and take all his bulljive at face value, you’d think he was on the level of Ali, Tyson, Klitschko or Lennox Lewis. But the reality is Wilder is a pretender trying to con his way to make the public believe he’s something. It’s about making easy money and becoming Al Haymon’s franchise fighter.

Wilder is over 30 and has a record of 39-0 but he has no guaranteed multi-fight TV contract or any endorsements. That’s because the public isn’t buying Wilder and they don’t trust Al Haymon. The public can sense Wilder is just a big talking pretender phony fraud trying to portray himself as the next great American heavyweight star. But true great heavyweight superstars don’t want or need protection by their manager. A true great heavyweight is willing and eager to fight the best or even Dillian Whyte for a career high payday of $4,000,000. But Haymon and Wilder know Wilder could easily lose to Whyte and they won’t take that risk. There are no risks when Wilder fights opponents that are controlled by Haymon. You can read between those lines. So far Wilder has only fought 39 Al Haymon controlled patsies.

Yes, we all know Deontay Wilder can talk. But we are still waiting to see him fight anyone…ANYONE in the top ten of the rankings that is NOT controlled by Al Haymon or one of Haymon’s shell promoters.

We are waiting. But we ain’t gonna wait much longer. Protected boxing frauds are a waste of everyone’s time and they belong in the WWF.

Until Wilder fights someone like Joshua or White or Tyson Fury, he’s just a loud-mouthed fraud that can roar.

And we all know the truth about big mouths…

“The empty pot makes the most noise.”

“If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bullsh**.”

“If your actions don’t live up to your words, you have nothing to say.” – DeShanne Stokes

“…people can say all kinds of things without ever opening their mouths…” – Noah Hawley
“Men are what they are because of what they do. Not what they say,” – Fredrik Backman

“A word is enough for the wise, but talkativeness is not enough for the foolish.”  – Joy Clinton







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