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Did Wilder Reveal Haymon’s Script For His Career?

By Scoop Malinowski

They say the best place to hide something is to put it right out in the open under everybody’s noses. That said, Deontay Wilder just dropped some interesting revelations about the future of his career in a recent interview with Greg Leon at Wilder sounds like a guy who KNOWS Al Haymon is going to manipulate his record from the current 40-0 to 50-0…


Deontay Wilder:  “I had a team discussion and we came to the decision that we’re not fitting to chase no one. I’m the heavyweight champion of the world man. I’m not going to chase another champion just to get a fight. We’ll just wait and see and continue to take over and getting the record to 50-0 with 49 KO’s, I think that sounds real good. With Eddie (Hearn/Joshua promoter) trying to push me off on Dillian Whyte, like c’mon man. I told them I got one for them, if he fights Luis Ortiz and beats him then I’ll fight him, or if they put Joshua on the contract I’ll fight him. Eddie Hearn isn’t running us. He can do that across the pond but not over here with us.”


Funny how Wilder didn’t consider Al Haymon was trying to push him off on Luis Ortiz isn’t it? Because isn’t Ortiz considered more dangerous than Whyte? Wilder would have earned twice as much money vs Whyte than he made vs Ortiz.  Funny how Wilder never had any complaints when Haymon decided to match Wilder with the former drug cheat Ortiz.


But back to Wilder’s big mouth… “If they gave me ring access (after Joshua vs Parker) we’ll probably jump on a private jet and be over there! It’s easy, I need to be in the ring. I need me an AJ face to face, eye to eye! I don’t need no promoter talking for him. I want to look him in the eyes, I want him to feel the presence of a real fighter, a real man, a real hitter, a real killer, that’s what I want, for him to feel my presence. I want to tell him to his face that we need to do this fight because I’m going to knock you out!”

Funny how Wilder tries to imply Joshua hasn’t faced any “real fighters.” Joshua defeated all time great Wladimir Klitschko in an epic all time brawl, the same Klitschko who TWICE knocked out the glass jawed Alabaman in sparring with bigger gloves.

You get the sense Wilder is so envious, jealous and desperate to discredit and diminish the unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua that he will say anything, absolutely anything, regardless of how absurd it is.  Repeat the lie enough and the masses will eventually start to believe that lie…

Wilder, four years older than Joshua, has already had nearly double the pro fights that Joshua has but draws and sells only a fraction of what Joshua does.

The disparity of skills, accomplishments and drawing power between Joshua and Wilder is so massively disproportionate, only a fool would regard the two equally.

It’s crystal clear at this point – Anthony Joshua is the proven, confirmed superstar of the heavyweight division…and Deontay Wilder is the counterfeit pretender hopelessly trying to talk his way to a shortcut to greatness. But the only way to greatness is to shut up and fight and hope for the miracle to somehow defeat Joshua…the option Wilder’s protectors/investors Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel have no authentic interest in pursuing.





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