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How Team Wilder Uses Media Manipulation To Protect Deontay

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By Scoop Malinowski

Astute ring observers KNOW Anothony Joshua and promoter Eddie Hearn want to fight Deontay Wilder next but the fact is Team Wilder does not want the fight, they want to stall it for years and years until Wilder is a big money maker on his own like Joshua is.

Of course, Wilder could become a star if he dares to fight and beat Joshua but if he loses by knockout, his career is effectively over, and Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel will have lost the mega millions they expect to pocket via Wilder.

Pressure is on Wilder now to fight Joshua as Joshua’s offers are the biggest numbers of ($12.5 m) he’s ever seen by far in his 40 fight career.  But Team Wilder will only complain and criticize at every offer they get because they can’t afford to lose to Joshua now.

So a good portion of the boxing media is easily duped by Team Wilder’s excuse making, just like they were duped by all of Floyd Mayweather’s excuses to duck Manny Pacquiao for six years.

Another weapon Team Wilder can use to defuse the situation is media manipulation. My theory is that Al Haymon and Finkel buy off certain boxing figures to say positive things about Wilder and intentionally deceive the public that Joshua and Hearn are the ones fakin to want the fight.

One of the top American boxing writers is heavily pushing the “Joshua doesn’t want to fight Wilder now” narrative. This deception will confuse and trick many boxing fans.

Even Wladimir Klitschklo has jumped in to boost Wilder’s profile and chances to beat Joshua.

“It would be a dangerous fight for Joshua. I’m not saying he wouldn’t win it but Wilder has something,” Klitschko said in a recent news report. “Due to his weight, he is extremely fast. He has good power in his hands and he’s extremely fast. Maybe he’s kind of wild in his technique but those punches are coming from who knows where. He is hard to defend against – where is that punch going to land or which side is it coming from? Joshua has all-around more capability but Wilder is taller than Joshua and is faster than Joshua. He doesn’t have the weight behind his punches but he is extremely fast, and it would depend upon what kind of mood both fighters were in.”

Klitschko may have been prodded by his former manager Shelly Finkel to say good things about Wilder in this time when Team Wilder needs the help in maintaining their illusion that Wilder is 50-50 with Joshua and wants the fight but on more suitable terms.

Three years ago Klitschko said Wilder has a “very good punch but he can’t take a punch at all.” It’s curious why Klitschko played soft on Wilder this week and didn’t mention his fatal flaw, which suggests he was enlisted by Finkel to help out the cause. It’s well known that Klitschko knocked Wilder out twice in sparring.

We know from the past that Klitschko adores Joshua and has called him his little brother.

But that’s how media manipulation works. Opinions and press release statements can dictate public perceptions. And as we know, opinions can be bought.

We’re still waiting for Tim Smith and Teddy Atlas to show us those e-mails where, allegedly, a Pacquiao team member asked about what the punishment would be if Manny tested positive for PEDs. Atlas and Smith failed to present this evidence in the Pacquiao vs Mayweather defamation lawsuit. Which leads one to suspect Smith and Atlas were manipulated to mention those e-mails, though they never showed them to the public. This was at the time when Mayweather was using PED testing to duck Pacquiao back in 2010-2011.

You’re a fool if you think Klitschko’s conqueror Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn don’t want to fight Wilder now.

But in this world lies and smokescreens can be used to hide the truth.

“Rare is the mind that can discern what is carefully concealed within.” – Phaedrus

I know the patterns and history of Al Haymon and Deontay Wilder. And I have zero doubt Team Wilder is lying and pretending their way out of fighting Anthony Joshua until Wilder wins ten more set ups and reaches a 50-0 record. By then they hope Wilder will be a money maker and an equal A side with Joshua – entitling them to a 50-50 split of a $400,000,000-plus heavyweight superfight.










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