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America Failing to Produce Top Heavyweights

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The United States once dominated the sport of boxing by producing an abundance of top notch, world class heavyweight boxers. But today, America is failing and has been failing for over a decade to create any dominant or special heavyweight boxers.

The main reasons for the failure are the best athletes are competing in other sports, amateur boxing in America is unpopular and gets no media attention, and there are very few top coaches like Emanuel Steward, Eddie Futch, Angelo Dundee out there building champions.

Deontay Wilder is a protected fraud pretender who has the fabrication of two very ambitious and greedy managers, named Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel. Wilder is 40-0 but he draws no crowds, sells no tickets and only fights in house set ups.

If Wilder is the best hope for American boxing, it’s highly unlikely he will ever face the reigning champion Anthony Joshua or any other top contender that is not controlled by Haymon.

So outside of Wilder, who are the other American heavyweights?
Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller is 29 years old and 29-0-1 and though he’s fat and podgy he does have some skills and a lot of charisma. In line for a title shot against Joshua, Miller looks like another Calvin Brock or Phil Jackson level heavyweight.

Dominic Breazeale, is a former football player turned boxer. He’s 32 with a 19-1 record, the one loss was to Joshua.  Breazeale is okay, nothing special. About as good as Tex Cobb or Michael Grant.

Andy Ruiz is 28 with a 30-1 record, the one loss to former WBA champ Joseph Parker. Ruiz is a chubby but fast handed talent but does not have the goods to reign as a champion or win a world title.

Charles Martin is 32 and 25-1-1. He won the vacant IBF title vs Slava Glazkov but then lost it in a miserable performance vs Joshua which looked like a “business transfer” as Don King would call it. A decent southpaw, Martin is not going to be a factor in the top ten rankings because though he is somewhat talented, he sells nothing.

Eric Molina is 36 with a 26-5 record. He could get another shot at Wilder. Or another payday to play the patsy.

Bryant Jennings is 33, 22-2. He lost his two big fights to Wladimir Klitschko and Luis Ortiz by stoppage but a win over Joey Dawejko tonight in Philadelphia for the vacant Pennsylvania State Heavyweight title could launch Jennings back into another title shot.

Amit Mansour is 45 and 23-2-1. The fact that the tough, well-trained 45-year-old is even in the discussion shows how severe the problem is right now in developing American heavyweights.

Gerald Washington, 36, 18-2-1, lost recently to Wilder and appears to be finished.

Trevor Bryan is 28 and 19-0 out of Schenectady, NY. Don King’s final heavyweight hope could eventually get a title shot vs Wilder. But don’t expect any upset as we know who the cash cow A side is and Al Haymon’s A sides never lose to Al Haymon hired B sides.

So it’s not looking very promising for American heavyweight boxing at the moment. Maybe the next big star is in the amateurs…

201 lbs.

1.   Cam F. Awesome, KS

2.   Jared Anderson, OH

3.   Adrian Tillman, CO

4.   Marquiese Williams, NY

5.   Devon Young, SC

6.   Jesus Flores, MA

7.   Gaspard Pierre, FL

8.   Deangelo Leachman, TN

8.   Demek Edmonds, MA

10. Blake Davis, FL

10. Dominic Okopie, TX


201+ lbs.

1.   Richard Torrez, CA

1.   Ramel Clasablanca, WA

3.   Leonid Grachev, CO

4.   Nkosi Solomon, NY

4.   Daniel Bean, NJ

6.   Michael Graves, NV

7.   Timothy Hartfield, RI

8.   Cam F. Awesome, KS

8.   Jesse Cervantes, CO

10. C.b. Shannon, OK

The great tradition of America dominating heavyweight boxing appears to be nearing the end.  As boxing in America continues to turn into professional wrestling, we can only appreciate how lucky we were to experience the boxing greatness and class of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

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